Anarchists should be reported to the police

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    Look at those dangerous terrorists
  2. I fucking hate this country. I really do.
  3. The note was issued from Belgravia Police Station as part of Project Griffin which aims to "advise and familiarise managers, security officers and employees of large public and private sector organisations across the capital on security, counter-terrorism and crime prevention issues"... So what's next..are they going to keep a database of unionists, blacklist and share them with business???? This really sounds like collaboration between the government and business...
  4. Anarchism is in no way "safe" . Anarchists have but one goal, and that goal is to destroy any governing body. So without any form of government we have idiots running around killing whoever they please.

    If you claim to believe in anarchism, go live in some African countries were tribal warfare is the name of the game. See how long you last.
  5. What're you retarded. anarchism is the belief of replacing government run from the top down to the bottom up...replacing hierarchy with a governing body actually ruled by the people... before you make stupid comments educate yourself
  6. World of shit

    Anarchism would be possible if people weren't selfish assholes
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  8. I couldve swore the goal of anarchists is to empower working people and institute a society self-managed by working people.
  9. Oh and I'm not an anarchist. I just know what it really is. We live in an age where you can access information...I like to educate myself on things...there no excuse not to especially considering how easy we have it compared to in the past.
  10. I think we'd have more civil people than murderers, and plenty of vigilantes and private security forces.

    There are always consequences for violating natural law, especially in anarchy.
  11. True Anarchy can never exist. It is to intrinsic of human nature to want to make life easier. The largest gang with the most guns would rule hence true anarchy would fail.

    True anarchy would only work if ppl weren't such self centered greedy assholes.
  12. So what you're saying is that there are more evil people than good people?

    I disagree. What you're saying maybe applies to today's society, where the bad guys have the guns and the good guys rely on cops to show up 10 minutes later.

    In anarchy all the good guys would have guns too, or at least another method of defense.
  13. Show me this definition. The only definition I know of are these:

    1. A state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.
    2. Absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

    You talk mad shit on these forums. But when the time came none of you would do anything lol. Anarchy requires violence, and a lot of it. Anarchy would leave anyone running around doing what they want. Don't call me retarded before you understand what it is you speak of.
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    You could cause anarchy by simply not paying taxes anymore. If our whole country stopped paying taxes to our government, then we wouldnt have a government anymore would we? That didnt seem so violent? I also find humor on reading your stance and then your signature. You talk about how our constitution protects us from our government , but then assert that with out government we would fall apart. Its kind of Ironic.
  15. And authoritarianism doesn't require violence?

  16. Yes, but if you stop paying taxes your neighbor will murder you.
  17. I never stated that it didn't. However anarchism is not the answer to any problem.
    All personal opinion of course. I just don't see it ever working, or happening for that matter in the United States at least.
  18. dude something needs to happen, the more time goes by, the closer we are to a police state, there's no big counter-culture or anything (It's more like small separated subcultures that seem as they are in competition with each other)

    And we don't want to do anything because we are having too much fun with facebook and our little entourage, and OH IT'S FRIDAY LET'S GO GET DRUNK and then there's that shitty simple music I can't stand that everyone else seems to love (I know the lyrics of every song : "OOOOH come on! We party in da club! Yeah baby come on OhOoOoOoh! On tha flo'! Come on yeah! Yeah come on! oh Yeah Ooooooh")

    We need to be less distracted and start caring about the world, if we don't want it to turn to shit
  19. I think anarchism can only be temporary, but I think the notion that it's inherently violent is based off statist propaganda.

    This is an age old debate: Locke vs Hobbes.

    Would you call yourself a Hobbesian?

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