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  1. This government is beyond fucked up and crooked
    Weed is illegal because of the money factor
    Think about how much money the government makes off of the money people spend on prescription pills
    Weed helps almost anything if it were legal the government would lose out
    People die everyday to legal drugs like alcohol and cigarettes, how many people have died due to marijuana
    Also population control..the government wants us to die due to alcohol and cigarettes that's another reason they won't get rid of it

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  2. Breaking news!
    Also Water is wet
  3. Conspiracy.
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  4. And yet, many states are still legalizing marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes.
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  5. ONLY because they can steal money from it. If it werent for the absurd rate of taxation (theft) there is no way the state would go along, regardless of the popular vote. Here in Colorado, pieces of shit like Hickenlooper fought tooth and nail to keep weed illegal and even fought back after legalization was voted in. The swine STILL tried to repeal legalization after it was voted in UNTILL they realized the enormous windfall of money that they could legally steal from the businesses. THEN they started back peddling and changing their tune that maybe it is a good idea to legalize so that they can steal more money. The only goal of the state is to extract weath and gain power. There is nothing benevolent about any government or state agency that has ever or will ever exist.
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  6. None of that is going to change. The states aren't going to go away. My biggest problem with anarchism is that it isn't sustainable. A government, a state, of some sort will always pop up.
  7. Thats no reason not to fight against the state. Unless you advocate using violence to force other people to do what you want them to do.
  8. It sounds like you are new to cannabis. Welcome home.

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