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  1. I've decided to get healthy. I went to the doctor and all my blood levels are between good and bad, meaning everything is a bit higher than it should be but not high enough to go on meds.
    ANYWAY, I need to eat better and exercise. 25 years old, 5 foot 9 inches, 230lbs. I'd like to lose 15 - 20 lbs by the end of January, so...6-8 weeks.
    Up until this week I smoked 10-15 cigs a day, ate 3 LARGE meals a day with really no regard for what I ate and did little to no physical activity.
    I have now been without a cig for 48 hours and have no desire for any more. I am eating 2 meals a day; a decent sized salad with eggs and lite ranch for lunch, and full sized meat/pasta+veggies dinner. I snack in between but nothing more than a snickers or a sandwich. I am "running" on a elliptical for 45min a night.

    Questions, comments, wise remarks?
  2. That's awesome you finally made the transition. Stick with it and don't "relapse" even if it's tempting, you're already on the right track for a long fun and healthy lifestyle.

    Nobody regrets making the lifestyle change you're doing, only not sticking with it. I don't know if you do or not, but grab the ipod and jam to some tunes when you're on the elliptical, music does wonders when you exercise, it's crazy.

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    I'm thinking about making a change too.

    I'm 25 years old, 5'11 136 pounds. I am slightly underweight, I dont eat big enough meals. When I do eat, I end up eating way too much processed and nitrate laced foods. I smoke a minimum of a pack of cigarettes per day, on the bad days ill chain smoke one after another.

    I went to the doctors like a month ago with chest pains. Turns out I have high blood pressure due to smoking/bad diet. I have also developed a stress related heart murmur. I cant even look in the mirror lately, my facial skin is so rough and ragged, and I always have these massive black bags under my eyes. Plus lately I think I've been developing a touch of rosacea on my cheeks. Also recently i've been getting pains on the inside of my thigh by my knee everytime I have a smoke so that can't be a good sign. I'm pretty tired of constantly feeling like shit and feeling guilty about it.

    So I have to make a change, I just haven't quite decided how to approach an entire life change.
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    Thanks for the comments.
    I like to watch the Wheel and Jeopardy because I try to solve the puzzles/answer the questions and it distracts me from the work out.

    Tbh, i was hoping for more..."this is what you should be doing" type posts. But thanks for the support Kingjacobo, and GL Elem3nt17
  5. eat protein rich foods and try and stay away from chips and candy. i like to make a bowl or green beans and drench it in warm real butter, for a mood booster.
  6. Everything you have is good except a few things. Skip breakfast if possible, cut the snacks and snickers in between man.

    Instead of the whole routine I would suggest only eating when your hungry and keep the foods limited to fruits and veggies with 1 Large meal a day of anything you want.

    Get on a exercise rotuine every other day. Pick a few free-weight/weighted(whatever you can use) exercises and do them every other day, have a warm up run for 15 min and a 5 min cool down run. Everyday fit in 30 min of running (on top of everything else). DONT FORGET TO STRECTH !!!

    I know this is all mixed up but if u need any help I can provide some better more accurate info, I've helped 3 of my friends drop 30 + pounds with a few pointers and tips Ive learned so dont hsitate to pm me or post in here
  7. Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand. Take cold showers.
  8. If you want to maximize fat loss start resistance training (weightlifting) and combine it with cardio to get the best results.

    Eat 6 meals throughout the day rather than two meals to help keep your metabolism up throughout the day (this is debatable, but I find it helps me), and eat a good balance of complex carbs, fruits, veggies, lean protein (chicken, turkey, tuna, etc.), and healthy fats (nuts, certain oils).

    A little research will go a long way and once you get started it can get addicting. Believe in yourself and you can really transform your body however you want as long as you're willing to work for it.

    Also, don't resort to candy bars for snacks, if you really have a craving there are some pretty decent protein bars that you can snack on from time to time as a replacement for candy bars.

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