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Analysing a Stone

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Brumac, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. I smoked a bowl last night with my girlfriend. Ten minutes passed and I felt like my head was underwater. My senses became heightened, everything I looked at jumped out at me. Like I was looking at everything with a viewfinder. Sound was incredible, I got on the floor and was playing with my hound and she licked my right ear and it sounded like a freaking hurricane, really cool and intense. It was insane - like my head had been cracked open and music/sound was hitting me directly in the forehead. Thoughts became amplified. I got kinda spooked for a bit but my girlfriend was like "Just go with it, its awesome!" The muscles in my legs felt like they were being tickled, I'de get a muscle twitch every now and then which was freaking me out, but I just chilled out and relaxed - it eventually stopped. If I turned my head left or right really fast it was like a trailing effect, really neat/trippy. Again, I had some anxiety (would come and go) but it passed as fast as it came.

    My girlfriend is new to the herb but she loves it - doesn't give her any anxiety at all. She was going crazy because she wanted some "Crunch & Munch" but we were out :(. I did have some ritz crackers with some square cheddar cheese cuts and it tasted great. When I swallowed I could feel the chewed food going down my throat, like the feeling was more amplified, really trippy. I did get cotton mouth but it went away really fast because I was drinking alot of pepsi.

    Guy I got the bud from said it was "Sour Diesel," but I have no way of really knowing. It smelled great, and had a citrus type of flavor, not a bad taste at all. Body wise it felt good, relaxed, numby kind of feeling throughout legs, face and shoulders.

    After about an hour or so, my girlfriend and I had some intimate time, and WOW, it was awesome! Was the first time for me under the influence of the cabbage. :)
  2. gratz man sounds like a GREAT night
  3. Sounds like you smoked and got high. :rolleyes:
  4. I'm learning...:rolleyes:
  5. cabbage? never heard that one before, but w/e, i hear new names for it all the time
  6. dont you mean space cabbage? :D
  7. devils lettuce
  8. nothing about fossils in this thread huh :(:devious:
  9. dang, i wanted to read about a rock...but i guess your story was ok.


    sounds like a pretty good night man! :D
  10. .


    To the OP, I'm guessing you're fairly new to smoking? It sounds like some of the first highs I had. Unless it was just some realllly dank bud.

  11. I'm familiar with those feelings. Just think about what you're going to do while you're high before you get stoned out of your mind. The first time I got REALLY high, I tried to eat a spoonful of peanut butter. An epic mistake. It felt like it took 20 minutes to swallow it and I could feel everything going on in my throat with excruciating detail. Combined with the cotton mouth, it took an entire glass of water to get the peanut butter down my throat. Just drinking the water was a mind fuck too because it seemed like I could feel every last movement of the water as I swallowed it.
  12. Yes I am new to smoking. Like I said, the dealer said it was sour diesel but again I don't know for sure. I'm sure a lot of dealers probably throw these names around concerning their wares, such as kush, sour diesel, white widow, ak47 etc, to impress marijuana neophytes like myself and perhaps to get us to pay a bit extra. However I am a satisfied customer nonetheless - because the high was intense and I didn't have to smoke that much of it.

    As far as swallowing food, yes I can feel it with excruciating detail as it moves down my esophagus. That freaked me out but still kind of interesting. I picked up a guitar legends magazine and was thumbing through the pages while stoned and I was amazed at how the photos in this magazine were jumping out at me. Was a little difficult to focus on the articles about the guitar players, but the photos were awesome. Again, like looking through a viewfinder (remember those as kids?)

    I don't know why I get anxiety or fear the high sometimes, like I said my girlfriend said just let it go and enjoy it. Sometimes that is work for me to do, but I managed to get through it. I have tried some pot that just gave me couch lock and made my body feel really nice, not really a cerebral high and I preferred that. I didn't know until I started researching a bit that there are different types of marijuana e.g. indica/sativa. I think I'm an indica fan, not sure as I haven't smoked enough yet to really make a good choice about what I prefer. All I do know is, is this "sour diesel" gave me a head buzz and a slight body stone.

    I know this is sad, I'm 34 and play Warcraft but I still have a life - lol! Anyway when I heard a voice in the game it kept echoing in my brain, I knew then I was high! Definately spooked me at first, but like my GF said, relax, enjoy it and chill out, quit analysing it so much....:cool:

  13. him with him on this one! lol
  14. Sounds like Sour Diesel. It gives you a nice body high and it is a nice green and smells well.

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