anal: why do guys want it so much?

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  1. I was reading another thread that was a bit similar to this and I just want to know why so many boys love anal sex or why they want it so much. Personally I find it a little weird.. I don't know what to think of it. I know a lot of girls find it pleasurable. My guy REALLY wants to do it but I just don't get why. Can you help out? What's so special about it?
  2. I can speak for myself only. It's tighter, I'd feel dominant, and I love a woman's ass more than any other part of her body.
  3. Like most humans in most circumstances... We want what we can't have.

    You tell a man not to cum on your face and what he wants to do most is cum on your face.
  4. Its just because its taboo. If everyone only had anal sex everyone would wanna fuck a pussy
  5. Its nature's condom.
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  7. I dunno,I just like it (the tighter squeez)
    Make her feel like she's taking an everlasting sh*t:D
  8. I don't like it... Shit comes out of there! I don't wanna stick my cock in that! Ewww

    I can't even watch porn if they do any anal in it, I go soft instantly. Watching porn has been getting more difficult over the years.
  9. I thought nature's condom was a coat hanger. :confused:
  10. No that's man's lifesaver.
  11. Man's life safer, baby's life ender. Perfect! :hello:

    :laughing: how fucked.

  12. Hahaha that made me lol :p
  13. mostly its a "power" thing, and often its degrading. if its mutual with some1 u love,w/e. but most guys like it cuz it makes them feel powerfull.
  14. Anal sex to men is like getting flowers on valentines day to women.

    It makes them feel special when you let them put it in your pooper.
  15. this is exactly it. no need to buy your man gifts and things just whisper in his ear the 3 magic words "let's have buttsex"
  16. I'm not interested in that at all. I just don't like the idea of sticking myself in my girlfriend ass. The vagina is all I'm interested in ;)
  17. Because you have a beautiful ass, and I wanna make love to it.
  18. Who wants to use mine? $10.00 per thrust.
  19. Long story short. Its super tight.

    Not to mention the fact they usually won't let you put it in so every time you fuck them doggy style its like its just taunting you to penetrate it. You always want what you can't have.

    Also its just a numbers thing. You only have 3 fuck holes. If you take one off the table its a big deal to us. Especially if we've already gotten used to it from another girl.

    In all seriousness if a girl doesn't do anal we're not going to have a long relationship.

    Consider it like if you love getting head from your boyfriend. And your boyfriend really loves giving head and is good at it. Then you break up and your next boyfriend thinks licking pussy is absolutely disgusting and its off the menu.

    You might not tell him anything but you will think he is a prude, and if you are still on good terms with your ex there is a good chance you will want him to lick you out occasionally and just not tell your new boyfriend about it.

    If the only things you had to eat were rice, bread, and eggs. Then you get a new partner and they say "I don't like eggs. So we're not going to eat eggs". You'd be fucking pissed that something was removed from an already limited menu.

  20. You make a pretty interesting point... I'm a little more convinced.

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