Anal thoughts. (lol)

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  1. so I saw a thread that mentioned anal, and i'm wondering how many of you blades have tried this and what are your thoughts on said subject?

    personally with my current GF, she mentioned that she tried it before and that she didn't particularly enjoy it, but that she didn't dislike it either. so obviously i was like WELL I WANNA TRY. i dont know why, i thought i would think it's gross but i dove right in head first eager to try.

    needless to say i ended up not being able to do it due to me being too big to hurt her (asian exBF) so i dont think she likes it anymore. but im guessing you can just stretch it out with a finger (although she said no fingers because fingernails hurt) so im out of ideas.

    i wanna be sliding in and out of her ass, the farthest i got was being all the way in but not being able to move due to it causing her too much pain. so she asked me if i could pull out and i was like

    "well....fuck.....fineeeeeeeeeeeeee" only cause i dont want to cause my girl pain :smoke:
  2. get some lube.
  3. small asian peen joke? Really? ..
  4. what's wrong with her vagina?
  5. why not just post this in the anal thread you already saw then?
  6. [quote name='"PrincessTHC"']what's wrong with her vagina?[/quote]

    Is what I'm asking, and if she said no guess what you try it when she said no she can call the cops and you got your self a rape charge :) now how about that thought?
  7. Fingering and lubrication is a must.

    She has to completely relax, otherwise it will hurt.

    Once you are in, stop and wait for the her muscles to relax, then it will be better.

    while you are inside, lay still, kiss her neck or something and take it slow, when she gets all horned up, slam that shit to the hilt!

  8. If you refine your technique, it will be less painful for her.

    Next time stick your dick in, not your head.

  9. Good advice. One thing that helps with insertion for me is to have the guy put just the tip in until it begins to feel uncomfortable, then, pull out and wait a couple seconds. Then I can usually take it. Try that with her.

    She might not be used to doing this, but if you let her do all of the work for the first insertion, and only push if she asks for it, it's not likely to hurt.

    It's also a good idea to reapply lube shortly after you get it all the way in. After that, you're good to go :devious:
  10. once you were in you really gotta wait meaning no more moving around or in and out until those muscles get used to you being there.

    once that happens and she is relaxed, then you can usually start the thrusting! lol
  11. It's not about butt-hole pleasures!
  12. [quote name='"Berzerker42500"']It's not about butt-hole pleasures![/quote]

    ....its not?
    Lol funny movie though
  13. It's partially about butt-hole pleasures.

    And you're right,that movie is wicked pissa!
  14. Booze Lube and Enema!
  15. Ass - the other vagina
  16. lube, finger, massage - loosen it abit, take some time!

    you seriously just stuck it right up there as soon as you had a chance? i'm suprised your not single now!
  17. I'm done with the 3rd hole, use the 4th
  18. [quote name='"Berzerker42500"']
    It's partially about butt-hole pleasures.

    And you're right,that movie is wicked pissa![/quote]

    I'm notnsure butthole pleasures...
    And wicked pissa...
    Should be in the same sentence it just seems wrong hahaha..
    Though they are awesome,earth shattering things :D

  19. no she told me to push and i made sure i was gentile the entire time. and she said she doesnt like fingers in there,

    and to everyone else i've had actual sex with her, we were just doing something different for a change.

    and SHE told me her ex had a small dick and that he was asian lol.

  20. I started laughing really hard at this. Then i remembered im asian too :(

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