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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by THIRSTYGECKO, May 14, 2003.

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  1. the possibilitie with sex is never ending, dont be so scientific and technical.. and u never know what you like till u try it!!! there are some things that probably would sicken and disgust alot of people.. personally, my no no is bestiality.. that is gross, sick, and unbeleievable that it happens.
  2. hmm anal sez. my only real fantasy! (that i will never get to act out)

  3. Fuck i\'ll anal sez all of ya
  4. Ok, I\'m going to respond to this against my better judgement because I\'m really, really high and this is pandora\'s box where we are supposed to be able to talk about anything. Now, on occassion (I\'m talking when I\'m really turned on and extremely hot and bothered).......I have to admit that I do enjoy anal sex every now and again. For me, I can have better and stronger orgasms if I\'m in the right mood. But that\'s all I\'m going to say on that!!! LOL
  5. Flowerchild................ every time you post I become more and more attracted to you!!!

    You are my sweetheart!!!!!!
  6. Now Bud Head, I always knew I was your sweetheart!!! LOL. Just hop in a car and get your ass down this way sometime so we can smoke up together and see what else happens to \"pop\" up while you are here!!!!!!!! LOL

    ******And I\'m not even going to comment on what thoughts enter into my twisted, warped little head when I think about you!!!!! LOL
  7. I\'m glad that you are going to keep us a secret.. You never know what these potheads will do if they find out..

    One of these days!!!!

    I\'ll stop on the way and pick up Rumjilly!!

  8. LOL............I never was too good about keeping secrets. Damn, I knew I had said too much. You never can tell about these potheads!!!!! LOL. Ok, you can just pretend I\'m this psycho red headed freak that has this wierd obsession with you. Yeah, that\'s how we can play it out!!!! LOL

    And the more the merrier is what I always say!!!!! Peace, love, happiness, and a never ending bowl would make me the happiest gal alive!!!!!!!!! LOL
  9. There has only been a dick in my butt one time and it was an extremely large one so it was not a pleasant experience for me. It wen halfway in and I screamed and that was the end of that ;)

    Another time this guy stuck his finger in my butt and banged my ass, it was a little weird, but I can\'t say that it felt bad neccessarily.

    Hey, what ever floats your boat and doesn\'t infringe on the rights of other people.
  10. Im knew you liked it girlie..

    I sit here and tried to think of which girls would say they liked it.. Most of the ones i thought would, do!

    A few more do that I thought wouldn\'t!
  11. Jumping to conclusions butthead, I never said that I liked actual butt sex. I do like it doggy style4 though ;)
  12. No conclusions girlie.. I was making a joke!!!

    BTW I think every one should do what they enjoy!!!
  13. What about necropheliacs?

  14. doggy style is awesome, actually its one of my favorite positions! (out of the maybe three ive tried :))


  15. gotta draw the line somewhere ;)
  16. crack open a cold one

  17. would that be around the bed, on the floor, in chalk

  18. Dirty ;)
  19. i agree with Flowerchild- I have the same opinion and I\'m not afraid to admit it. But, my favorite position is doggy style which I don\'t get to do anymore because my husband doesn\'t like it-oh well-poor me!
  20. i think anal is groase, and i would never do it.... ewww...

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