anal sex

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by namron_420s, Jan 13, 2003.

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  1. at the request of bpp i have started a new thread...

    one i figure he might take a likin too...

    let the comments flow.
  2. uh BBP, was this specific to what you had in mind?
  3. I\'m not even going to touch this one......

  4. No.

    That Norman, what a joker!
  5. nice try on the new thread business but you\'re not quite there
  6. Anal sex? HELL NO! how can you like feeling like your taking a fat shit in reverse?
  7. Oh No!!!!!!!
  8. lol

    i got it up in a girl or two... lol, both times i was on pcp, ha good times, errrr kind of. Ok i\'m drunk right now, byes,
  9. lmao ray!
    i agree with girlie, and gooood way to put it ;)
  10. lmao@girlie

    I always wondered why would women like it? Do they rub their love button while it\'s happening?
  11. right now i would like to fuck my computer up the ass...just to hear it scream god damnit quit fucking me up the ass..ill be good.

  12. holy.



    me too.....meeeeeeee too.

    my computer, that is...for the computer..and, I dont actually want to \"fuck\" it anywhere..just Id, like to heave it out my sliding glass doors. not that the doors have done anything, but thats what they are there for.
  13. well..i cant open any i guess well have to take over a thread for our daily dose of lenny and misplaced genital fairies.
  14. pushing aside the insignificant factors of the infant machines that flesh and blood relentlessly devotes anger and emotion towards daily, I do say, you look fine tonight
  15. *blush* half naked..if that helps...
  16. hm..errr......hmm...

    did it help you at all...?
  17. stop, thief!
  18. your computer has an arsehole, norm?

  19. You are such a Opdekontneuker either that or a Randdebiel

  20. sounds like you need to pass the joint....

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