Anal Fistula Surgery

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  1. sup guys, well recently i went to a colorectal surgeon and had him check me out. Apparently i got an Anal Fistula, basically i had a boil or an abscess, it popped and now i got this fucked up fistula tract. the surgery will be within the next week or so and im kinda stressed. I guess after the surgery ill have to take sitz baths and be on pain killers, anti biotics, and stool softeners. I was just wondering has any one in here ever had an anal fistula or anything like this?

  2. :lol: Wonderful thread.

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  3. Sucks man. Hope all goes well. Surgerys a real pain in the ass.
  4. Lol i guess i posted in the wrong thread, it does say HEALTH but i guess this is for nutrition and fitness health only, mods can delete
  5. Nah man this is totally appropriate for FHN. Has to do with health. I looked up anal fistula's, and from what i've read they aren't life-threatening, but can be very painful, they are essentially an abcess of the anal gland. They occur when the gland, which normally drains into the anal canal, becomes blocked up.
    Surgery sucks man, but try to think positive, you'll probably get some wicked pain medication afterwards. Did your surgeon say if you'll have to do a stint in the hospital?
    I spent 4 days in a hospital after knee surgery, it sucks just laying in bed with nothing to do lol.
  6. Are you a healthy individual? I use to get boil/cists between my legs and armpits and they hurt like hell, can only imagine them being on such a sensitive spot. Ever since i changed my diet and started going to the gym i havnt even had one.
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  8. Good luck with your surgery op. I had two last year, and it's never a fun process.

    Rest up, and get back to feeling healthy. :)

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