Anal Bleaching

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  1. There's this treatment, known as anal bleaching,which is done mostly in(but not exclusively) California beauty salons, where they wax your butt crack, then apply this bleaching cream with a fan shaped brush, so that yourthe skin of your buttcrack and around your butthole matches the rest of the butt skin. The result is a barbiedoll/Gi Joe Buttcrack. None Salon that does this is Pink Cheeks in Sherman Oaks, California.

    Fear not, I don't intend on getting it done, but I just wanted to hear open opinions on the epidemic. Anybody here on Grass city gotten anal bleaching?
    Guys ,girls?
  2. colon cancer, is the first thing that comes to cancer.. I mean mind..

  3. gosh I have never even shaved my ass, let me tell you its hairy, am I the only one who doesnt have enough time to give their bum such attention :confused: bum n balls gotta be played with once in awhile sure, but id shave my ass before I ever bleached, and i prolly will never shave my ass. I keep my bush nice n trim tho. looks kinda silly havin a trim bush and a hairy bum
  4. your crack would get so sweaty. i mean, thats cool and all but gross. i wouldnt want fucking swamp ass all day long.
  5. I was under the impression that this was just a porn star thing.

    I'm gonna forget I saw this thread.
  6. im sure its more of a girl thing---I think girls bleach their arm hairs also?? maybe not always but Ive heard of it, they must just get naked n go wild bleachin everything

    ^^ its the box man shouldnt have came in

    the ops avatar is super homo tho if you ask me..he prolly gives bums lots of attention
  7. The heart looks liek a bum... :)
  8. I can taste the bleach already. And I thought douching threads had taken the cake.

    I'm wondering when PETA will grab this one?(ratedX) Isn't bleach gonna hurt the gerbils? j/k :)

    I'm still lol at the notion! I want to see someone checking there own bunghole after this. I also wonder if they can't wear colored panties? Have a bleached white spot to mark the spot. and can they wear a thong w/o the bleach eating away the string?

    I'm begining to see some good.

    I'll keep my brown no poking sign up.
  9. Uhhh.. nobody really sees, touches, or licks my asshole so i'd rather not bleach it
  10. haha i read in a magazine that EACH salon in Cali that does it, does an average of like 39 a day or something... EACH place... lol. crazy

    im not a porn star (yet) no need to bleach my minds eye hahaha
  11. i've never seen a guy's asshole in a porno, thank god
  12. lol yeah but who else out there is bleachin their asses besides porn stars?

  13. lmao!

    what a visual hun... bleach streaks on pink frillies, lol!

    the thought of actually doin it, ouch!! & hell no!
  14. I too did some research on this anal bleaching....but then i realized that my butt hole looks just fine and i should not subject my poor butt to that kinda abuse
    PS.. i did find out that they have at home treatments, for anyone that might be interested
  15. ^^LMFAO. i reall dont mean to laugh, it just sounded funny.

  16. So...You either have to try to bleach your own asshole :eek: or have a friend do it?:eek:

    Assuming I was going to do this (fat chance) I would rather pay someone I'll probably never see again than risk either option above...
  17. I'm tired of just reading the thread title. Not a conversation I want to stumble upon.
  18. What's the point of bleaching your ass I still don't understand..

  19. from what i've gathered the only point is to take the brown out of a rarely seen star.

    lmao at blazin talon & the home kit! ya mean ya dont have a special friend ya show your ass? jk. :D
  20. one kid from my old high school naired his ass with his friend haha.. he said it itched for like a month lmao

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