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  1. I have tried to ask this question on another part of the forum bout no one had a serious answer to my question. to make it short i started a late grow have bout a month to go and a couple of my girls hermed and i caught it in time all but one pollen sac. my girls are now pollinated heres the question. with my mj being pollinated isnt it going to slow down my flowering procces witch is bad of course with a late grow. Would picking out the seeds i see now help revert the power from seed production back more into bud production. Im under the impression when a plant is pollinated it loses some potency and it uses more of it energy on the seeds than the root structure or bud structure. is this true can some one please help?!
  2. any body out there got a clue about power consumption and weather or not it would be beneficial to pick the seeds out so more bud can form?
  3. more of the plants production goes towards seed growth rather then thc production. Picking them out I doubt would help but pollinating it less would.
  4. ok i think they just got one sac of herm p0llen so. anywho my pistals are all almost red does the fact that ive been pollinated make the buds mature faster regardless of size? like an young plant gets some pollen and an older plant gets some same kind of plant pollinated at the same time. will the young one be mature right around the same time as the older one with bigger buds
  5. bump!!!!!! does no one have a clue bout this!!!! i guess ill do the learning and experimenting unless i hear other wise!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Don't bother picking the seeds out. It wo't help and you'll fuck up trichomes in the process. Having seeds doesn't decrease THC production, but de-seeding weed knocks off trichomes and that in effect lowers the amount of THC. And seeds are a real hit to bag appeal.

    I've got a buddy with a mad passion for hash and if he's growing a hash batch, he'll seed it on purpose. He says when the seeds make the calyxs bigger, and it develops more trichomes. I don't know if he gets more trichomes or not, but his hash is fucking killer...

  7. from wiki

    It is often claimed by growers and breeders of herbal cannabis that advances in breeding and cultivation techniques have increased the potency of cannabis since the late 1960s and early '70s, when THC was first discovered and understood. However, potent seedless marijuana such as "Thai sticks" were already available at that time. Sinsemilla (Spanish for "without seed") is the dried, seedless inflorescences of female cannabis plants. Because THC production drops off once pollination occurs, the male plants (which produce little THC themselves) are eliminated before they shed pollen to prevent pollination.
  8. Yeah, wiki... lol

    Male plants don't make THC because they aren't protecting seeds. That's what the trichomes are, little seed protectors. And when does the plant need seed protectors? When it has seeds, of course... Someone should do a side-by-side, make just hash and weigh it... Hmmm... maybe I will, I was going to make some female pollen from a Lemon Ice plant and cross it with a Jack Herer for next years outdoor grow anyway...

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    It is talking about when pollination occurs on a female plant. Not sure you caught that. The reason they started producing seedless weed is because they found thc levels to increase. And i can tell you for sure that the branches I pollinated were not near as potent as the stuff I didn't. Not only do I know this from experience myself, my dad always talks about when he was a kid and when seedless weed came out and how it was so much better.

    Also from wiki under cannabis cultivation:

    Buds of the first case are called sinsemilla (it is really two words: "sin semilla," which translates to "without seeds" in Spanish, but is often misspelled as one word). The resultant cannabis contains the most Cannabinoids possible[citation needed]. The amount of Cannabinoids in sinsemilla is considerably more in comparison to cannabis that has been grown in a pollinated environment, because the production of seeds requires an immense amount of energy, and if left unpollinated a female plant will divert all her energy to calyx production in an effort to seize pollen.[citation needed] This is especially desirable, as the calyx is where the highest concentration of trichomes exists, and the more densely packed a plant is with calyces, the greater psychoactive effect that plant will likely have.
  10. I caught that... I also see a lot of [citation needed]s too... That's all old wives tales, until there is data... I think that's just a bunch made up of BS.

    When did you pollenate your plant/branch? Early on or later into flowering. A plant will stop or slow down making new calyxs after its pollenated, so if you do it early, you end up with less bud. Pollenate at the right time and your buds are just as big.

    Of course, if you're not making hash, you're going to fuck up your buds just by picking out seeds, so it would be less potent. But on strictly trichome level, I think seeded buds have more... Trichomes are all about protecting the seed... they don't gather pollen or any shit like that and they only really start appearing in bulk once the flowering process is well under way... ie when the plant would/does have seeds...

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    True I have yet to see any scientific proof to these statements but from my person experience it seems to hold true. I haven't seen anything refuting it with scientific evidence either. Though there seems to be some logic to the plants not producing as much thc as the plants energy is used elsewhere for seeds. Think about it people prune marijuana to revert energy elsewhere doesn't seem to be to far fetched that a plant would produce more thc if it didn't have to deal with producing seeds. Also I believe the trichomes protect the bud from uv light (uv-b mostly) not seeds as pollination doesn't have to happen for thc to produce in similar fashion. As i said i see no scientific evidence to seeds affecting thc % but from what is commonly believed and my own personal experience it does seems to effect thc negatively. If u do have some scientific evidence either way I would like a link I'm always wanting to learn more.

    Edit: I pollinated the branches early. Weight and potency of the branches wasn't a concern as I have plenty of dry high grade marijuana.
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    No, I don't have any data... I wish there was some on this subject, either way...

    I think your logic about trichomes is a bit off. In a seedless plant, trichomes are still there to protect the seed, even if it isn't there. Protecting the bud when it's seedless makes no sense, that's wasted energy. People say making seeds is wasted energy, but it may trigger the plant to make more trichomes as the seed stretches the calyx. Assuming you pollenate at the right time, you should end up with the same amount of calyxs/bud, but the seeded bud trichomes are 30% bigger and with the same density of trichomes would mean 30% more THC...

    But like I said, I have no data to back it up, so you have just as good of a chance of being right as I do, but from what I've personally seen, I think I'm right. Still, unless you need seeds or are making hash, seedless is by far a better product.

  13. its been harvested and its fluffy well what got pollinated, the rest is pretty damn dense for a late grow! small but a late suprise

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