An unbias cable documentary about MJ?

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  1. Check out this episode of the National Geographic show "Taboo", which discusses medicinal marijuana in California. NatGeo has managed to cover MJ in an unbias light on national television.

    Taboo | National Geographic Channel
  2. i anly got to watch the 4 min clip (couldent find rest, if there was any) but from what iv saw i was really surprised, there wasnt any bs and they basicly whent over the main points or argument for our end.
  3. Is this a new episode? Trying to find it for download somewhere.
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    no thats not a new* episode im pretty sure i got the same one on my dvr and it says 2008
  5. Ah, got it. It's part of the Narcotics episode, not a whole MMJ-only episode.
  6. I have seen some really biased stuff on natgeo before.
  7. "Marijuana: A Chronic History" on the History Channel is a pretty good documentary that is fairly unbiased.

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