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an then it rained again

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, May 21, 2003.

  1. this goes hand in hand with marijuana beacesue,........i wwas smoking a joint when the neighbor came over,,,,,,,, heres some pictures, was strarting to get dark, but it the second worst flood weve had in 10 years

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  2. forgot to say that was the back yard...............heres the front....
    *whata spectactle!*

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  3. anda really bad picture of one of the 4 firetrucks that came to save me :D

    aaah spring

    oops forgot the
  4. The weather has had it's own mind this year. If I didn't know better you'd think that our supreme being is mad.

    I hope there is not much flood damage up there Highya!!!!!
  5. stoners :rolleyes:

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  6. the camper got it a little but it looks like ths yeasrs going tosuck :)
  7. Put an ad in the paper;

    Lake Front Property. Cheep! Coon Buffet in the back yard.

    Been a right wet spring around here too. Coming off a 3 year drought, it's still a good thing. But it would'nt hurt if it would save some of this for the middle of summer.
  8. eek, been rainin like that here too..

    friggin cold aswell

    thought it was may!
    seems like march again
  9. HIGH All, see your surviving the BIG flood of 03. Been raining O.F.F.F. and on here and we're going to get wet aty work today.
    Nice pics HIGHa keep'em coming.
  10. holy shit! thats a big flood!
  11. April rains bring may flowers..

    What the hell do may rains bring you ask?? Floods.

    Mother nature must be mad at somebody!!!!!
  12. what's this "rain" stuff you speak of? Over here shizzle's just been burnin' down since 2 weeks ago.

    Back in tha day in florida one time it rained soemthin like 30" in 18 hours once, and all of sowntown wsa under like 5 feet of water. well, me and my friends got out and did some urban jet skiing roght in front of the courthouse and copshop. we put in at the mall and cruised the streets on with a 650 ski, did some urban wakeboarding and city surfing. it was pretty rad! After it started receeding we went fishing around the city in all the spots where fish got trapped and were gonna dry up and die, no sense wasting a good fishin' day, so what if we got some strange looks sitting on a busbench with a tacklebox and rod at the mall?

  13. kinda off topic but when i lived in pennsylvania we had a huge blizzard there was like 7 feet of snow when the blizzard stopped so i went and played on top of it(with the help of my older brother to get me there)
  14. Higha, you ok? Actually Iread your thread yesterday, thought I had posted; Anyway the good karma went your way even though the words are just now getting there. Sorry about all this. Man, I remember the photos you posted of your gorgious back yard and pool. It will be that way again... I know it will take hard work to get it that way again. I went through the water thing too back in April. Hang in there and smoke lots of pot as it will make it a bit easier to get through it.
  15. I hope everything comes thru Ok for you little indian dude. How come you didn't hop in your canoe and float away.... Ahhhh I see, you wanted a big hunky firemen to carry you in his big hunky fireman arms. I just hope devil husband didn't get too mad.
  16. got carried by a big hunky fireman anda couple of paramedics... yesterday...................
    after all our rain and flooding lotsa peoples gravel, driveways,sand you name it.... washed out into the roads. well on my way upa hill an round a corner at the same time,.... i hit deep sand which pulled my car over ...doesnt sound fast 35 mph (i think) directly off the road into a telephone pole, now that i have broke a telephone pole in half and ripped off my babydaughters whole side of the car and tore her door off.when the pole broke in half the top half smashed the roof, the windows exploded and the babebes got it in the face with glass thank god she shut her eyes. then acousre now were in wet grass hills anda ditch. enededn up stopping because i buried the front half of my car into an embankment.we took the trip to the er to be sue she didnt have glass im'em, her poor lil face is all cut and scratched with marks. somthing else i have to live with. theres somthing about these babies being part of yu that sometimes men just dont understand.
    i was told"if anything happened to her my life would suck",,,,.."if anything happened to her, i wouldnt be here today. i wouldnt let my baby go alone.

    sooooooooooo i totalled my car bad. really less than a mile from my house. shoulda made another thread but im heart broken and dont want to see any of the pictures of what ive done.or what culda been done. had i been in our or jeep, smaller car it wulda been a different story.accidents happen, but this one was bad. i am one sadlittle can be replaced ,cant wait to fight with the insurance adjuster, but i almost killed my child. somthing i wont ever forget.ever.
    never in my lifetime. any mother/parent wuld give her life for their child ina moment.i dont pray often or even thank a higher power,........but i did. and i did again. somthing saved us for that im forever gratefull.

  17. thankya mate.......its been a a hell of a month!
    i love ya guys

  18. Crashing sux.


    But the bottom line here is you and the munchkin are OK. Any crash you walk away from is'nt a bad crash.

    I offer myself out as a chauffer from time to time. I'll give you my flood victim rates.

    Guess we don't have to worry about the bumper we dinged up awhile back now, do we?


    If you look hard e'nuff, there's always a silver lining!:)

    Y'all are ok. And wiser for your experience.

    And I'm glad!

    So how's the hubby taking this? As the Grand Poohbah of O.F.F.F., I think I speak for the entire organization, when we tell him to lay offf of you for awhile. Ya feel bad e'nuff already.

    Ya know where to find us when you need us.

  19. ya know.............i thought you just might bring that up :p thought about it myself. i definately coulda lived with the tiny ding in the liscence plate.

    i didnt really say but for anyone who doesnt know, no i wasnt high, smoking, or anything... just drivin'.i didnt geta ticket, and the babes played in the front seat of the police car and got a nice teddy bear. infact the officers of the law were very nice to us. hhhm woulda thought?:D
    lesson learned............

    hubbys ticked a little' cause he said when he got in the car the music was too loud*everyone roll their eyes* and thats why i wrecked.
    thanks for bringing up the liscence plate ding pokie ;)
  20. Damn, sweetie what an experience. But everyone came through it OK and no one was hurt. That's all that really matters.

    Sorry about the attitude of the hubby, he's got his coming tohim one day.

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