AN sensi bloom question for soil grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by buddahaze1, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Ok so I use advanced nutrients sensi bloom a+b during the 1st 6 weeks of flower on my last grow.

    Sifting through forums it hit me that on the bottle it states hydro more than anything and to use 4ml per litre of water.

    I on the other hand use soil an now wonder if my mix is right per litre of water fed to plants.
    Does the 4ml per pitre mean for instance per litre of water in your let's say 5 gallon dwc bucket? Or am I right in following the per litre of water fed?

    Its only a question I ponder as I'm sensible enough to trial and error the nutes so I know what my plants can handle.

    Just curious I guess as I can't seem to get an answer by looking on AN website :)
  2. Your AN mix sounds right for soil and if you had good results I'd say you did alright. I run coca so I feed 3/4 to full strength AN ever watering, my friends who use soil do the same but every 2nd or third feeding they only do water. Some soil also comes prefertilized so you want to take that into your nutrient mix considerations at the beginning of your cycle.
  3. Yeah I did do well last grow and was just wondering as to why they don't state this on the bottle.

    I used full strength on my plants and they did very well, blue cheese the hardy plant would swallow my nute bottle if I was to drop it by accident lol

    She/they are greedy fkrz :)
  4. It's hard to argue with results! I would still suggest a straight watering from time to time to avoid salt build up especially if you don't have much run off. I love AN though, it might cost a few extra bucks but they make it hard for your to fuck things up.
  5. Yeah that's true. However I did get the 2 part mix for £20 from ebay free p+p, compared to the ff series I think its relatively cheap :)

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