AN piranha busted.

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Tbone Shuffle, Aug 27, 2017.

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  1. I had problems with AN years ago, and stopped using them. I was getting all kinds of deficiencies//problems ect, for no reason other than the stuff was junk. I expect terrible quality control.
  2. The Oregon DOA put out an article about their testing in 2016 and how bad it was going for microbe supplements. The majority of root zone microbe supplements for hydro use don't have what is claimed on the label or it isn't in proper amounts. Those 2016 micro test results aren't published yet. That pic of the results I posted is from the pdf on the 2015 micro test results at their .gov website. There's probably more failures to come. GH's subculture line didn't fair too well.

    I may be switching to botanicare as they came out ok. Funny thing is if you look at miracle grow and all of scott's products the fertilizer, soil, and amendments testing all comes back with very close results to the labels. Some of the closest.
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  3. You know, that is the exact reason I switched from hydroponics to soilless..
    Because ALL of the hydro microbial additives are just rip-offs...
  4. Botanicare's hydroguard is definitely not a ripoff and tested out much higher levels then the label. I wouldn't trash all microbe supplements but it seems there is some snake oil out there.
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  5. And lots of expensive water...


  6. Was Xtreme Mycos tested in the study (RTI-Reforestation Technologies International)??
  7. I didn't want to believe it. I used AN piranha. It's $39 or something ridiculous for a pint.
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  8. They haven't published this years or lasts test results yet. I think they've expanded the products every year. You can wander the link. It's a typical .gov site. They are slow to publish results and don't really name names in public articles but if you look like I did you can find some names.
  9. Oops sorry missed the link...
    RTI was there and it did not meet its label claim but missed it at a smaller rate most (all) the others. Regardless...looks like few match their claim.
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  10. Botanicare is the only major brand I haven't seen miss one yet.

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