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An ounce of amazingness for 300

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by GreenPurpOrange, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. #1 GreenPurpOrange, Mar 11, 2012
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    Payed 300 for an ounce of this nice dense, heavenly smelling weed! Would you pay that?

    Here are a few close-ups

  2. Not here, but if that's a good price in your area then congrats! Either way, the value is in the eyes of the beholder. If the price made you happy, then it was a good price :)
  3. What do you pay for an ounce? and its got an interesting taste...very mellow high. One of my favorite pickups so far.
  4. Around here I pay 100-180, depending on what's available and the type of mood my guys in.

    Looks dank OP toke it up. :smoking:
  5. Probably around $270 in CA dispensaries or $200 delivered or off the street.
  6. Looks nice :)
  7. yup, that is a real nice price where im at.

    looks dank yo :smoke:
  8. depends where you live. if the price is about average for your area, you should be happy!
  9. I'd pay at least 350 for that looks delicious
  10. Looks pretty dank bro, nice pickup!
  11. Doesn't look like an ounce
  12. Definitely a nice grab. I get my zips anywhere from $200-$350. I would not feel bat at all about paying 3 bills for that. Hell, I wish I could pick some of that up right now. Chief on!
  13. Absolutely ozs are 300-350 around here in eastern Missouri

  14. I get what you get at 180$ but I pay like 150$ per ounce since I buy pounds... 1 pound of cannabis can resell up to 180$ per ounce but only cost 2300-2400$ CAD
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    yup you could even get oz for like 90 of some fire outdoor in norcal or dank indoor 180-200
  16. About 120 bucks here for ounce. In Czech.
  17. Of course it's not an ounce....or is it? I could be a giant and have really big hands... But ya 300-350 is what I normally pay for an ounce. This grower did a damn good job. I need to get my medical marijuana card asap!
  18. Damn I just about fell off my chair!
  19. I would definitely snatch some of that up. Zips are $400+ where I'm at.

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