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  1. Thanks for that info. DankSeeker that does sound WAY more economical. Now I'm glad I didn't go out and spend money on the Great White.
  2. Thanks for the links chunk. I haven't checked them out yet but I will. Sure It's some good info. though.
  3. I just did a google search of Sunshine Organic Growers Mix. There was Sunshine Organic Growers mix 1 through 5. Does it matter what number I use?
  4. Farm Dawgz

    Sun Gro revamped their entire wholesale line about 6 months back so I can't comment specifically at AT ONE TIME the differences between their non-organic Sunshine Mixes, #1 thru #4 had to do with the amount of aeration amendments added, i.e. Sunshine Mix #4 had more perlite, pumice, vermiculite, etc. than Sunshine Mix #1

    I would imagine that these numbers represent the same paradigm as it would be confusing to switch things around with their wholesale customers (99% of their business).

    Good product, IMHO. I used it for over 3 years as a base. Pretty hard to find fault with this product line.


  5. I have been following this thread religiously. I just had one question at the moment.

    You said you add 25% organic compost to the soil. So is that like if I was hypotheticly using 1 gallon pots to measure out the mix would that be 3 gallons SunShine mix and 1 gallon organic compost?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question. I've been told I over analylze everything. :smoke:
  6. It's not a stupid question - I worded the mix directions pretty stupid.

    Here's the Reader's Digest version: On the original mix that I used to buy it was called 'Sunshine Growers Organic Mix' and it consisted of 40% Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, 30% organic coir, 10% each of perlite, pumice and vermiculite and yucca extract was used as the wetting agent. It only came in a loose-filled 2.8 c.f. bag. Much easier to deal with for mixing than the compressed bales, IMHO.

    That product has now morphed into Sunshine Grower Natural & Organic and it looks like this:


    According to the Sun Gro Horticulture website this is only available in the Western States (whatever that means).

    The product that you're asking about, Sunshine #5 Natural & Organic comes in both 3.8 loose-filled bags as well as 2.8 c.f. bags.

    This mix consists of: Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, coarse perlite, low organic starter nutrient charge, Gypsum and dolomitic limestone.

    They don't mention a wetting agent but you can be assured that one has been added since this is their professional line and not their retail/consumer line. I would think that they're using yucca extract on this product as they do on the other organic lines.

    Here's the mix and I'm assuming that you're buying the 2.8 c.f. bags and I round it up to 3.0 and I would add 1 c.f. of some combination of castings and compost (whatever was available) and 1 c.f. of pumice. You can use lava rock from Loew's or HomeDepot. You can use perlite if that's your choice.

    Basically I would add the same amount of an aeration amendment to the amount of castings and/or compost mix. By volume and not by weight.

    This would give you 5 c.f. or 37.5 gallons. According to the wish-list supplied by potting soil manufacturers.


  7. Thanks LumperDawgz2 this is a great thread. I love it. And I always get answers to my questions. I appreciate it.
  8. I have a bottle of Serenade garden Disease Control. It sais on the label that it can be used for organic gardening.

    I bought it at the end of last years growing season because I was living in a coastal mountain area and we were having problems with powder mold really bad.

    Now I live in a much more dry climate. I was wondering if I should still use this on my vegging plants? I don't think powder mold is gonna be an issue this year but it does say "disease control" on the label. Should I use it any ways?
  9. On the Dyna-Gro Neem Seed Oil and the Dyna-Gro Pro-Tekt is is 1/2 tsp of each or. 1/4 tsp. of each to make 1/2 tsp. total?

    Also I have been adding the Dyna-Gro Pro-Text to my fertilizer solution at the rate of 1/4 tsp. per gallon. If I do this Drench of leaves, branches, stalks should I still continue using it along with my fertilizer solution that goes into my soil.
  10. I used Seranade one time about 4 years ago. In the PNW is wasn't much help.

    But it's widely used by commercial nursery growers in California and other locations where you have realistic humidity levels. Try killing PM when it hits 105F with 85% humidity levels.

    I'd say give it a try - you'll know within a couple of days if the outbreak has been arrested or not.

    Get some fresh baking soda for back-up.



  11. You 1/2 tsp of each - add your oil first and then add the Pro-TeKt and stir until the oil if fully emulsified and you'll be able to see when that is accomplished because the oil will change color and get much lighter.

    Add to 1 quart of tepid water (around 75 - 85) and stir and make sure that the oil mix is fully dispersed. Apply with impunity - hit every leaf (top and bottom), every branch and finally hit the top of the soil - not enough to penetrate but a light spray to kill any thing moving around the surface.

    Repeat every 3 days for 2 weeks and then hit the 1x per week after that.

    And yes you want to continue to add Pro-TeKt to your soil drenches.

    Here's a couple of links to give you more reasons to do this: Silicon Supplementation Affects Greenhouse Produced Cut Flowers & The Anomaly Of Silicon In Plant Biolog

    Those links should answer any number of questions on using liquid silica with plants grown using containers in particular.


  12. I'm sweaty and it's late for my block... I mixed 2.8 cf of the sunshine organic mix w 1.5 cf of bu's blend and most of a 40 lb bag of agrowinn ewc, 1.5 cf of pumice, 8 cups kelp meal, 4 cups neem seed meal, 4 cups shrimpshell meal, 12 cups gaja glacial rock dust, 1 tblspn tm-7, 1/4 cup vegan mix (dte)...maybe a little more but can't remember right now... Lol. If someone can please give me a "hell yeah" I can stop worrying and start diverting attention to other areas.

    I started a tea made of....

    1 cup bu's blend
    1 cup agrowinn ewc
    1/4 cup fish hydrol...
    1/4 cup liquid kelp
    4 oz's trader joes aloe Vera juice
    About 1/2 oz feed grade molasses
    About a tblspn yucca extract

    I will be spraying the tea tomorrow after 18 hrs as I plant new clones and dust w great white shark. (I have bio-vam on order should arrive tomorrow!)

    Any feedback would be appreciated. This is part 2 of my first organic try. ( other soil started w ffof/light warrior)

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    I'm not having any powder mold isssues at the time and don't expect any as the climate where I currently reside is a dry climae like a nevada desert.

    Thanks for the baking soda tip, you are the bomb. Oh yeah, how would I use the baking soda and for what?

    I was just thinking cuz I have this bottle of Serenade sitting around and was wonering if it would be good to spray on my vegging plants maybe as a preventitive measure for something, not sure what all it's supposed to kill or prevent. Do I have any justifiable use for this right now?
  14. Where do I find info. on this "Cornel Mix"
  15. Here's a good place to start.

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    Thanks alot chunkdaddyo for googling that for me. I already googled it my self but was confused that's why I asked on here. Oh yeah and by the way I hate "googling" things. I have to dig through a shit ton of useless crap before I find the information I am actually looking for. So NO MORE googling things for me.

  17. I just had to use It's all good Farm Dawg!

  18. I know it's fun huh :D
  19. Chunk or LD,

    I've read a ton of things on how to deal with powdery mildew. What do you guys use for it? Where I live it is not uncommon for the temps to hit 100 with 80% humidity.

    Thanks again (and feel free to add a few lawyer jokes).

  20. lawschool2012

    I use either/both organic neem & karanja oils (Neem Resource) and liquid silica (Dyna-Gro Pro-TeKt)

    1.33 tablespoons (4 teaspoons) of oil into a shot glass and add equal amount of liquid silica which is an emulsifier. Mix until the oil is completely dispersed.

    Add to 1 quart of tepid water and mix thoroughly. Add to sprayer with 3 more quarts of tepid water. Add 1/4 cup of organic aloe vera juice (I use Lily of The Desert's new organic line). Spray the plant completely and thoroughly.

    Repeat every 4 days or so for the entire veg cycle and into the flower cycle. When you should stop is open to debate and conjecture so others can give you their input.

    I also add a combo of neem & karanja meals to the potting soil to provide systemic defense against these fungi. I also add liquid silica to each and every watering throughout the entire cycle of the plant.

    The use of high-quality worm castings is also a good defense. Look at the search strings of 'disease suppression worm castings' as well as 'insect suppression worm castings' and specifically the work by Cardoza at the University of North Carolina as well as Dr. Clive Edwards' work at Ohio State University and at Cornell University's School of Horticulture.



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