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  2. Hopefully this doesn't offend anyone but man, It's like Humboldt and surrounding areas want to have a monoply on the weed industry. I had to listen to so many people cry about how their pot is worth 3000+ a pack. Well sorry, not in this market. They hate to teach new growers anything because they got such great "secrets". IDK, when I go back there I will probably be a hermit and just do my own thing.
  3. Farm Dawg,

    No offense taken's good to take a lighthearted approach to some of the "sillyness" as LD put it that surrounds the cannabis community. And no offense meant here......but take for example the bathwater dealio:D

    Cannabis is just a plant that can be grown from start to finish using the same protocols that one would use to grow veggies or flowers but the grow store industry has really tried to re-invent the wheel.

    I can see it now......from the Emerald Triangle............Humboldt's Own Down the Drain Flower Hardener and Bud Booster! Only 28 bucks for a half liter and your golden!


  4. You know and thre are so many great products to grow weed. But the grow store industry as you put it, Shits expensive. Put some fancy names on products to use for growing cannabis, put a high price tag. This shits got me f'd up.
  5. I will be trying to mix up some soil tomorrow and was looking for some last minute tips, warnings etc. I think I have enough to get a good start but am uncertain of certain ratios and reassurance is always nice right?

    Here's what I've accumulated so far.....

    -Kelp meal (down to earth and growmore)
    -fish bone meal (dte)
    -neem seed meal (dte)
    -"vegan mix" (dte)
    -powdered oyster shell (dte)
    -ewc (kelp4less on ebay aka organic store/ agrowinn)
    -fish hydrolysate (kelp4less and ECO nutrients version)
    -liquid kelp (kelp4less and ECO)
    -feed grade cane molasses (kelp4less ebay)
    -k-mag (kelp4less)
    -bu's blend compost
    -gaja glacial rock dust
    -shrimp shell meal (light house?)
    -yucca extract -preservative free (T&J ent.?)
    -aloe vera juice (trader joes)
    -alfalfa meal (local feed store.. wondering now if it's organic)
    -soy bean meal (same local feed store, same organic concern)
    -flax /linseed meal (feed store, same concern)
    - dyna-gro protekt

    I will be picking up...

    - 2x sunshine organic growers mix 2.8 c.f
    - pumice

    I was thinking
    x1 sunshine
    x1 agrowinn ewc
    x1 bu's blend dynamic compost
    x1 pumice

    My understanding of the seed meal mix is just equal parts of each ORGANIC meal to make a mix (more diversity the better) and add 1 cup mix/ c.f medium?

    6 cups glacial rock dust per c.f?

    Couple of questions--

    Chunk- I believe you said you've tried some of the kelp4less ebay products, viable?

    when making aact's, after bubbling for 12-18 sometimes 24 hours the tea smells like mildew and fish a bit... like laundry left in the washer too long. not terrible but not fresh and earthy as they say. anaerobic?

    usual recipe is
    1 cup ewc
    1/4 cup liquid kelp
    1/4 cup fish hydrolysate
    about 20 ml ful-power
    1 oz aloe vera juice
    1 tsp yucca extract

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appriciated.

  6. skunx818,

    I've used and still continue to use various items from kelp4less......F.K.A. brandmel. Their ebay store is a good source for several organic amendments. I've used their souluble kelp powder, humic acid( but not anymore) their fish hydrolysate, and sul-po-mag.

    It's a particularly good place to shop for those in areas with little access to some of the harder to find organic gardening supplies. Yes they're viable. I don't use the humic any longer since it is derived from leonardite, a coal by product. I'm now using the BioAg lineup.

  7. Okay, sounds good. I was a little worried about their sol-po-mag being no good for organic use. Have u tried their ewc? They said they did not have an analysis but said they came out very fungal when they first started making and had them tested.

    What do u think about the rest of my mix and available supplies? Should I add some kmag to the mix? How much? Tm-7? Etc. I'll be trying to put it together today so I'm a little pressed for time.

    Thanks for everything.
  8. skunx818,

    I've never used their EWC so I can't attest to it's quality. A couple of key questions to ask them would be what they're feeding the worms. If its primarily paper/cardboard, I'd look elsewhere.

    Are you in the 818 area code? I ask because of your screen name. If so, try to find an Agrowinn distributor. I've been told that their EWC is top notch. They are also an online retailer with many organic gardening products.


  9. I just thought I woud throw this into the mix. If anyone lives in the Susanville Ca area, Every Blommin Thing is the best place around to get grow supplies.
  10. I live in the San Fernando valley (818).. I found agrowwin in la but they only sell to landscapers and at orange county farm supply. A bit of a drive but I got them. I still have a good amount from kelp4less and was wondering if anyone had used them.
  11. skunx818,

    Here's a post from LD from a while back......he has highly recommended them on more than a few posts.

  12. I love seeing this thread flowing. One of the best on this site IMO.

    Say hey Chunk.
  13. I used to drive from Newport Beach to the City of Industry just for an In-And-Out cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate malt.

    Besides once you get over to OC Farm Supply you can drop in to one of the oldest hamburger places in Southern California - Knowlwoods - over 50 years.

    Just a thought.

  14. mycorrihizal fungi, is the shit dude. :smoke:
  15. I feel like such a douche-bag for buying into all these comercial fertilizers just because they are well reputed by weed growers for growing pot. I can't wait to go all organic.
  16. I've seen a lot of back and forth about brands of mycorrhizae; numbers of different species and effectiveness etc. Some brands seem laughable on these forums... I was gifted some great white shark leftovers which had an expiration date of march 2011. Does anyone know if it will still be good? Is this a good brand? (seems crazy expensive!) can anyone recommend a cheaper brand that is a good quality product and not a bunch of hype?

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  18. When I first learned about the Great White Shark mycorrhizae. I was like damn that shits expensive. But apparently from what I was told you don't have to use very much and it's supposed to last a long time. I haven't used it yet so I can't give you my educated opinion. I was told by another user on this forum that it was the best mycorrihizae product on the market. The dude seemed to know what he was talking about so just thought I would pass that along. :smoke:
  19. I can't lay claim to using either product. I'm passing along what our resident organic expert, LD, has discussed concerning mycorrhizae.
    I personally get mycorrhizae from the Kellogg fert line as they are one of few commercial companies that does include it in significant amounts to be effective and at $8.00/4 lb., is pretty economical.
  20. Farm Dawg,

    Here's a link or two that may be worthwhile to read........especially before spending lots of money on your myco products.


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