An Organic Growers "Aha" Moment

Discussion in 'General' started by AK Infinity, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. I went out last eve with a couple buddies of mine to a rock show (doesn’t matter which one that’s not my point) and we decided to get blazed in some marijuana haze. My grow is in the second half of the flowering phase and I just ran out of the DANKASAURUS a week ago so I decided to blaze their shit. It’s called SuperBill which is a coupling of Super Silver Haze and BC Pineapple. It smelled sorta fruity almost like citrus so my mind was buzzing with the possibilities. (Heh, heh, heh, buzzing.) I normally don’t smoke anyone else’s cuz I’m well schooled in the ways and means and benefits of organic growing--God bless Master Soma and bat shit. But this time I decided to accept cuz after all, it’s weed we’re talkin’ bout. My car was rapidly filling with smoke by the time they passed the pipe to me. I sucked down the first hit fast but it didn’t escape my notice that it tasted like Hungarian poodle shit. I tried to play it off because at least they were getting me stoned but secretly I felt like I had a hair ball lodged in my throat. The pipe made the circulation again and eventually ended up in my hands; I wished for the best and took another hit. I gotta admit I was off in my first assessment because the taste this time had shifted from dog shit to the shit of a shit eating Egyptian dung beetle. This is probably where my story should have ended but these guys really wanted to get high so as the pipe got passed around at dizzying speeds the tastes ranged from goat bile to pig urine. (Don't ask me how I know what goat bile tastes like.) By the time these fools were done my pallet felt like a toilet for every living thing on earth. It is precisely for this reason I don’t usually smoke other people’s Mary Jane cuz the norm where I’m from is that its usually improperly fertilized and flushed.<O:p</O:p

    The high isn’t even worth reporting really. I hadn’t smoked in almost a week but the high was weak at best cuz I continued drinking shots the whole evening and didn’t feel all that much on the weed end of things. It had a subtle indica effect but the point is it was so subtle as to be pointless. The amount I smoked should have put me under the table but it didn’t even get me to the table to begin with.<O:p</O:p

    Today I’m proud to be an organic grower and don’t think I’m going to smoke any more shit like that regardless of the situation. If at all possible grow your own, if not try not to settle for that bull shit flyin’ around on the streets, inspect it when you can, and settle for nothin less than the best. I know that’s not always possible but when it is DO NOT SETTLE.

    Peace, love, and dope true believers.

    "Tell me who's your weed man, how do you smoke so good?
    You's a superstar boy, why you still up in the hood?"


  2. If I could grow right now, I definitely would be. I hate the whole process of having to buy it from someone else. I would rather much smoke what I grow. Once I get a place, my problems will be solved.
  3. well, i wish i could say i've been there, but i haven't... starting my first grow in a few months though...wahoo
  4. I hear you on that tip bro; back in the day when I used to buy I was literally at the whim of the dealers. I had no idea what the final product I buying was going to be nor did I really care. Was it shaken for its beautiful kief or was it sprayed with some sort of chemical insecticide? How was it grown, and who the fuck was the grower? I never really asked myself any of these questions, I just sort of went with the flow, but after I started growing everything changed. The first big difference was I started getting ridiculously high instead of adequately high, I started tasting a full range of flavors from cotton candy to hashy to lemony sweetness instead of miracle grow or whatever the fuck they were using as a fertilizer. Cannabis should be experienced in all of its fullness. Another added incentive for me was avoiding all these shady motherfucker's so the answer became a no brainer. I MUST GROW! I would rather give up smoking entirely than go back to a bag to bag existence. Dealers/commercial growers operate under on a big assumption that happens to be true, which is that people just want to get high and don't care if they're smoking rat turds or not.

    Hope you get your place soon enfiladeDTS so you can join the ranks of the liberated.

    Stay green!<O:p</O:p

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