An Open Letter To Barack Obama

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    That's just a little thing I like to say to important folks with good connections.

    Aloha, Da Kine I am a Hwlie. Just wanted to say congrats on winning the erection.

    Let's just turn the radium down a bit and see where that yellow brick road leads to. Oz could be so much fun with the right wizard.

    Petra Slate is my university. I understand you got to go to Ha RV AR D. Nice W ork if you can apHord to pay the bills.

    Debt slavery is still slavery. I thought the Constitution prohibited that. Must be my limited understanding of the word Z L A V E...oops, I missspelled that, must be my yisshidy Petra E du Ka Z I AN.

    Any way, thanks for the re and the ra that's my favorite song, it makes me think of bees and HO NE, remember the taste of honey? I love it, it's so much less toxic than jacking the human genome with excess sugar and processed nightmare rAT I oN Z.

    I'd love to surf or play ball with you sometime, my wife wAs a classmate of MichelleZ back in the day, at the MAGNET school. She is very magnetic as Hw77 don't you think? I wonder if that school could be TE model for many better schools. No boundaries, go where your abilities lead you, right?

    Anyway, best of my love to you and all people of The Ra, oops...I did it again...I mean of course Ha T Re, oops, I mean Earth.

    Hw B AA right?

    ME D I ZI AN AL GA BR I EL? Sorry, i never know Hw to hang up the pHone when I talk to a living god. Good looking men are always called gods, even if they don't have the gOods on their side.

    JFK would love you, manna! Keep surfing, it's a great way to learn about the vortex that surrounds us always. Peace on Earth Good will to men. All Are Eternal E Lite.

    LOVEMAKEZAll Medicine Al. Sheikh Yerbouti. IZ Petra Bank O P EN?

    T ankh Y ou Mr. Emeritus for reading my Low-ly moo-ZEN

    Continue smiling, I wish I had your teeth. My flouride intake has been too low to maintain my smile, despite the nice addition of this toxin to our water. I don't think the water is any happier, and the people seem kind of miserable, so maybe stop advising people to side with probablists, and get some re-Ze arK don E.

    AL oh A DNA-o! Oh, here's a quick joke before I go...what's the best selling Ham in both Medina and Tel Aviv? A BRA HAM! Get it Boobie?

    (Vaudevillian like a joker I get at times...I hope that is not a racist, but an anti racist statement, since I love all 4 blood types and their sweet sub-sets. )

    (Yeah, it's a dumb idea, begging for mercy, but saw is irradiating the planet;))
  2. inb4 what the fuck did I just read
  3. What the fuck did I just read.
  4. If he finds his way to this corner of the internet I'm not sure if he'll understand what you mean.
  5. What the fuck did I just read a few sentences of and then get irritated and stopped wasting my damn time?
  6. all of this guy's posts pretty much
  7. Da kime is a normal Hawaiian saying.

    But the rest? I was like Da fuk?
  8. i'm gonna keep smoking this weed till i understand what Al posted.
  9. This is relevant.

    [ame=]Baracka Flacka Flames - Head of The State - YouTube[/ame]
  10. bracka-racka-flame

    head of the mutha-fuckin state niqqa!~~~~~~!!!!!!~~!~~!~~~!!~
  11. ( Addendum from my Woody Guthrie side, sing along)

    If I had a hammer
    I could build myself a table
    An elemental table
    That governs all lands
    But the table could be stolen
    By some chumps who do not read well
    And they be thinking gins are gods
    And not some kind of gene pool
    All over these llands

    If I was a Llama
    I could change my name to Dolly
    And be the Dolly Llama
    All over these lands
    They could chase me off the mountain
    But I still can find the water
    That flowed form the Ice at the top of a glacier
    All over these lands

    If I was a rock star
    I would be just like the planet
    A rock made from star parts
    From some other land
    I could be just parts of Sirius
    That got here because of magnets
    I could be the Energy that came from an eruption
    All over these lands

    If I had a Buy Bull
    I would change the name of some parts
    It starts out with 'Genetics'
    And ends with 'Armageddon'
    Armageddon a Made Dragon
    Genetics made the Bear Man
    The horn of plenty is ready for some playin'
    All over these lands

    If I were a Yeti
    I could change my name to 7
    It would not make my feet big
    But it could help me hide
    I could hide a stolen table
    That was Karma from the master
    I could try to run but Karma is like Ishtar
    All over these lands
  12. If it looks like a ram, but it's really a duck, where does it keep its fleece and horns?
    Down under down darlings!

    Why did the strawman need a brain?
    He was made out of bran, so his I was missing.
    Glue ten of those to your belly and chant something ghoulie, that's a touchdown pass at Petra Slate, in the game against the clock, Hwlie.

    How do Austrians get their crystal chandeliers so shiny?

    They get 'em licked and shined, at the Inca laundry-Vat. Get it?

    I need a smoke man, I'll see you tomorrow if I live til then. It's a chill night in the Alpines tonight. Take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice.
  13. Medicine Al. You spoke volumes, and read my mind.
  14. I greatly understand and agree with op. Valid points, you can't be a blind sheep and follow along. I understand this post, more than I understand most posts on gc. Lol
  15. Congrats on winning the ERECTION
    Looooolll Im sorry I can't read past that sentence
  16. To OP

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  17. Another one from the Burl Ives side...

    Frosty the Snowman
    Was a Yeti from Tibet
    So they took his hat and they took his cloak
    And his name now means regret

    HA w LI . The pyramids were built with some assistance from others.

    Here's my friend, King Kong.

    Dr. King, let me ask you something, you talk so pretty, its as if you were once called Jesus or Buddha or Muhammed or something...what do you think of past life experiences?

    AAlI and A Li?

    Mu Ha M Mr. ed?

    Is it possible that All Ha and Budd Ha were relative to any pertinent theories?

    It is good to own a lingual knack for talents, said Dr. King, but if you combine love for everyone and light from the stars, isn't that kind of like heaven?

    Why die now just to live later? Well, what kills us, as it turns out, might just make us stronger.

    Karma and Widen and Back Down the road again. Hi Ho.

    I hear a lot of people asking for Jobs, Jobs, Jobs out there. Steve is coming over later, I gotta ghoul now, ese, *ight? Good talking tp you.

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