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An OFFFer question to a YiFFFer.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. 1. Are you supposed to ever clean your bong out?

    2. As the water in the bong dries up, do you keep adding more to it or are you supposed to do something else?
  2. Yes, clean your bong out...change the water too...

  3. no better words were spoken
  4. yes... i'd change the water after each session... as for cleaning it... i didn't have my bong long enough to need to clean it, due to my mom catching me and my friends baking out my van and smashing it to bits :( oh well. just an excuse to buy a new bong, lmao!
  5. yip...i change the water every time....i also add some ice as well depending on wheteher i bothered to fill the tray and place it in the freezer....nothing worse than wanting some ice and then realising you didn't refill for cleaning like the smell of the oil from the inside of it....i just change the gauze screen from time to time......p.s. why did you wanna know that B.P.P. you've been here long enough to know that....or are you usually just a joint man??.....Peace out....Sid
  6. IS this it????!!!!

    I set myself up to be the butt of a joke and NO ONE takes advantage of it!!!????

    Thanks for the words of wisdom but I was really expecting some comments like YUCK, or GROSS or some humorous put-downs.

    IS everyone here just too nice to make fun of this, Lighten up folks, its the holidays and time for merriement and laughter.
  7. i just thought you were wierd for asking such a question
  8. ya i got too scared to answer what i really thought... ive been here a while and you didnt seem like a person to not know that... i guess i was in awe....
  9. no B.P.P never clean your bong, no bong is complete w/o sludge thick enough to be mistaken for crude oil. after all it does improve the taste drastically, it is even better if you place it over a flame briefly to heat up the goo so it loosens up a little. this may take years to accomplish but well worth it, occasionaly add a little bit of water, or better yet a bit of alcohol to prevent fungal and bacterial growth.

    smoke up and enjoy.

    this more of what you had in mind

  10. HIGH All, *LOL* out terrorizing the YiFFFer's BPP.
  11. terrorizing? nah I just didnt quiet get it. (uuuuuuh) lol I had clicked to reply something almost everytime I saw the post come to the top again..but I just sat here thinking, wtf. what is this? I know they gotta be cleaning their bongs out. bpp, I thought for real either you were just the weird guy who never cleaned his bong, or you thought offs were generation skank kids who never did. lol, good one. had me stumped. got that confused puppy dog cocked head look thing going on..
  12. HIGH All, *LOL* just ribbing ya sensimil and I'd love to see that confused puppy dog cocked head look thing going on.

    You Have Yourself A Great Night Big Guy.
  13. yeah I get that a lot lately..but not the BIG GUY thing..LMAO

    had i been home, i would have replied earlier in the exact same manner...but i was job hunting.
  15. It was a good cast BPP but i don' think anyone was gonna out...Sid

  16. Job hunting....what kind of bait are you using??? Sure you are just not out riding around smoking while the parents think you are being productive??

    Thanks for the reply though.

    Terrorizing... weird guy...... just your average everday practical joker but I can laugh at myself as well as the next guy. keep up the comments.

    I have a plastic roach bug that I picked up somewhere down the road. I will ask people as I reach in the stash box "Do you want to smoke a big ole roach?" They nod their head and start looking for a lighter. Then I hand them this big rubber bug and they freak. Makes us all laugh.

  17. This is not a trick question! This guy doesn't even wipe his ass after he
  18. i was usin a black and white h&h a couple jerks, but that was about it.

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