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    The forums are flush with stylized narratives extolling the virtues of the wide range of fixtures marketed to the burgeoning community of indoor gardeners.
    I've been gifted with a new Mars Hydro TSL 2000 rated at 300 watts which doubles the horsepower of my dedicated flowering enclosure; a 2 x 4 closet. This runs at 12/12 and is being fed by three additional cabinets roughly half that size running 18/6 .
    Tinkered with settings to try to show the design that illustrates the difference between this and the SP 3000 - this unit features two drivers where the other has one. massive array of fins on the other as opposed to the broader hood on this which disperses heat.
    Those are in turn supplied by twin sprouting stations approximately half again the size of the others. All totaled I'm dealing with a little over 1200 watts to power all of these with 23 individual plants ranging from seeds that have yet to break ground through mature efforts within a few weeks of harvest.
    I've got several other manufacturer's products handling these other boxes ranging from 150 w to 100 w to 70 w giving me a perpetual system but I'm still struggling to coordinate the timing to make this a seamless production.
    late, I'm encountering problems uploading pics on a sporadic basis so I may depend more on the written word than photographic proof of my experience.

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  2. Mostly I've learned everything revolves around the Flower Cycle. 8, 9, 10 weeks whatever you choose as your finished sweet spot then tailor the veg around that.

    Arrange it so you have a veg stage plant at the optimum size ready to drop in as soon as you harvest an opening.

    I run 10 weeks in flower so I have 10 weeks to work with to veg in. When things are running perfect I take clone cuts or drop seeds the day the veg plants gets dropped in the hole outside to flower. 2-3 weeks for the cutting to root well leaves me 7 weeks to veg them as big as possible or a full 10 weeks for a seedling.

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  3. Considering RJML's reminder now posted as a sticky for this sub forum, I'm curious exactly how many of the threads I follow are skirting the rules while enjoying the benefits of unregulated and unethical representatives looking to make a buck?
    I've seen nearly every model from certain manufacturers represented here but I'm actually more interested in how other's make use of their space and the techniques they use along the way. Some might judge that I'm seeking to validate my own presuppositions; in keeping with this cynical conjecture is the likely reality that I'm secretly looking to bolster my self esteem in comparing my humble efforts against those of more (in my view) serous and dedicated growers.
    I'm honestly a bit surprised that I'm capable of introspection rather than simply patting myself on the back.
  4. On the site where I'm conducting a more comprehensive review of the new unit, I stumbled upon a thread from a long time contributor here - SG1 from Sanctuary Gardens and am linking it here Minions of the Dark for those who fondly remember his contributions; don't see any activity beyond 2018 but there is a link to his account on Instagram that may still offer a way of reconnecting.

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