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An investment- beautiful weed with beautiful seeds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by T-Wrecksx420x, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. iv been getting this dank dank sticky purp bubblegum for 10 a gram but ever gram has like 6 to 8 seeds that just look beautiful. i saved up about 40 seeds, over 30 of them look green and black striped and beautiful, about ready for an outdoor grow. my backyard ends at woods which go on forever and t5his really felt like a very good investment. i hear they just ceased importing of seeds and its so hard to get dank seeds but now i have enough to grow pounds. the only thing i want to know is how come this weed is less potent than weed with no seeds that looks the same quality wise? does it affect the resin heads in any way?
  2. Post pic, and it's because the plant spends energy on producing seeds rather than more power to the flower.:D
  3. sensimilla has no seeds and is the dankest , usually the more seeds i find the less potent the bag is.

  4. 100% this :)

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