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  1. Hello everyone!

    It's nice that there's a little "Introduce yourself" area here.

    I like it.

    Kinda gives people a chance to introduce themselves in a constructive way, and not just by spamming or whatever it is the term would be.

    But do people actually read these introduction things? To be honest, I'm not sure that I would myself unless I was bored. So I cant really expect much...


    I would like to introduce myself anyways.


    1.) I have absorbed the following recreational drugs
    (in order of favorites) :

    • marijuana
    • DXM
    • LSA
    • salvia divinorum
    • tobacco
    I'm not a big fan of salvia, and I've only smoked cigarettes a few times.

    2.) I plan on hanging out mostly in the "Spirituality And Philosophy" section of the forums.

    You see....I like serious chats about spirituality and philosophy, and have a tendency to spring it up on friends and foes when they least expect it.

    3.) I enjoy music too. Here is a selection of some of my favorite bands. Who knows, maybe we have something in common!

    These are the current top three:
    • The Beatles
    • Queen
    • Nine Inch Nails
    Everything after these sit at the round table of my enjoyment. There are too many to list, but here are a few that come to mind without me thinking too hard:
    • The Mars Volta
    • The Killers
    • Jimi Hendrix
    • Radiohead
    • Postal Service
    • James Blunt
    • Jet
    • Cream
    I reserve the right to say "Holy crud, I forgot to mention that band!" at any point in time in the future.

    4.) I am a cartoonist (with a webcomic in the making), a stand-up comedian, and a hobby enthusiast. I also have a number of random and seemingly useless skills. I also read wikipedia daily for fun, and to increase my knowledge.

    So in conclusion...

    that's really all I have to say tonight.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope to meet a lot of you in the future!
  2. Hey there. Your taste in music is pretty good!

    Good to have you here.. and happy toking!
  3. welcome to the city,,,, and very nice detailed intro. at that,,,

    i got a buddy who hangs in the spiritual/philosophy section,,, SMOKINGJOE 68,,, met the fellow and kicked it one weekend,,,, he's a odd character but cool.

    glad to have you here,,,,, be cool and maybe we will chat later,,,,, but i dont visit that section much...

    i hang out in the general section,,, im a genaral type of guy...:p
  4. Glad you decided to join the city stormeagle. Keep Tokin!!
  5. Welcome to the City! :wave:

    and like chicken said, that was a mighty fine intro :smoke:
  6. very well laid out greeting :)

    welcome to the city dude! :smoking:

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