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    I've been on here for a couple weeks but haven't really introduced myself, so here it is(drumroll please) I'm Sammy!!!! Hi everyone who cares to read this!!!

    I'm a daily smoker but I also stay pretty active with friends and my family. I enjoy a good time. I enjoy smoking/drinking and socializing. Also camping, swimming, walking my 3 dogs/dog parks, video games, concerts and laying in bed lol can't kick those lazy days those r the best!

    From Ohio moved to Wisconsin then moved back to Ohio (to fucking cold up there!!!)

    Fall is my favorite season

    Green, teal, pink, black is my fav colors

    Fav way of smoking is my bowl, it just saves a lot of cannabis so I enjoy it.

    I'm sure everyone feels this way but cannabis should be COMPLETELY LEGAL!

    Id have to say I have a very eclectic taste in music I enjoy anything from bluegrass to some kick ass metal!

    I'm 24

    Any questions just ask, I'll see y'all later ;p

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  2. Greets dude; I am originally from Mich but after a gypsy-like career ended up in Las Vegas where the weather is IMHO, reasonable. I like to keep my options open and so have at any one time in front of me a few doob tubes with joints, a wax pen, a hash pipe, a monster bong, a steamroller and a bubbler. Like the old commercial said, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. However for shooting zombies on the PS/3 I use nothing but the Widow Maker bong I have,,
  3. Sammy!! Welcome

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