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  1. It is sort of paradoxical actually. Sort of like the question, "if a tree falls and there is no one else to hear it, does it make a sound?" And that question is, if no one else is around to experience it, could existence even exist? How would we know anything even exists if there is no one and nothing to perceive existence?
  2. prolly not into it came about again , millions of little worlds out there
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    being these material objects are not at the consciousness as a human is. like a rock knows its a rock thats it. a human knows it a human and is observant of the rock. if no ones there to observe does the rock still exist in that place, yes.. sleeping with the enemy, so i fuck the world, its a pattern, i know whats going on, life and death is going on everyday.
  4. Yes...
    How do you explain the galaxy..
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    having intelligent obverses is like icing on the cake, were not animals or apes people, just like an alligator isnt a crocodile, right? though we can act like animals if we want, mankind is us, our legacy, throw some rice for the prototype , i be on that lavender sorry

    we probably aint supposed to be together forever..whatever
  6. Contemplating this question doesn't seem very pragmatic, call me a coward for avoiding it, but either answer isn't going to get you anywhere unless you're just asking for a popular debate.
  7. Hmmm, well considering it took billions of years in order for "us" to even be here, I would say yes something can exist without anyone experiencing it.
  8. But how would you know if you were never born to know about it?
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    thats where the subconscious calculator come in handy

    it can give birth. once born your on your own with friends and family to help each other, but were glued to the earth, once born you will be taught beliefs, but dont believe anyone but yourself, your inner moral compass

    reality encompasses existence
    existence encompasses reality
  10. unmask your lies religion! spam spam spam, i could fix you up
  11. The question leads one to see that consciousness is existence. Consciousness is a rare and precious jewel in the universe. It is the only thing that allows to know that anything exists. We humans have the highest level of consciousness on the planet and in the cosmos we have seen. The fact that we actually experience existence is extremely important, and through existence we have unlocked many secrets of the universe outside and within us, and as we continue to do so we will reach a pivotal point in our existence where existence will finally be understood.
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    we can assume that an observer is born and when death, you can still be conscious to some place. maybe blinded by the light. maybe wild dreams, but SOMETHING happens after death. you don't go back to absolute nothingness, before you were born

    you have a purpose, to love

    high as a ribbon in the sky, Stevie wonder eyes
    i could lay back like a fat cat, but ima big dog on any track
  13. i see it as 50/50 flip

    heads- potential
    tails- absolute nothingness

    keep flipping and you get a universe. that universe evolves an environment suitable for life. that life exploits the earth, profit! become, a prophet

  14. Well I have to ask, does the ability to question your existence absolutely mean you exist? I'm not one for the matrix or specifically brain in a vat arguments, but hypothetically if this world was a computer simulation - a conscious being would be just as ignorant as an unconscious being, no?

    I would still say even though animals may not be conscious, they still experience existence but they don't attribute it to anything more than survival.

    Consciousness came out of brain size adjustments, I like to reiterate what Fatblunts said, because the brain hadn't evolved consciousness, does that mean the universe didn't exist until then?
  15. ^right on
    the universe evolved a consciousness, it now has visions of heaven and hell
  16. Has the universe then always had a conscious element? That would mean non-living objects are, to some degree, "conscious"...

    After all, levels of consciousness are not black and white, but shades of grey.
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    somehow the universe just works.
    just like us, we work for money
    the universe works for love
    together we stand and fall on you religion
    cant dig deeper then me, you dig?
    i thank god i am not basic

    im running this, 100 yard gain
    reporting from another world

  18. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: If only man, if only.

    Apparently you missed this very famous Albert Camus quote, "I laid my heart open to the benign indifference of the universe."

    Now, that's the cold hard truth. The universe is benign and indifferent. It holds no love for her children. We were left to create the silly idea for ourselves.
  19. but as a force of humanity
    LOVE is the greatest
    love is the greatest force in the universe
    it can make miracles like world peace possible
  20. So could apathy. If no one cared, no one would fight. Love and hate are more related than you think. They are both based off passion. And passion can drive men to do wrong things.

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