An interesting find at local spot

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  1. Hey.. I am just now starting to post here but I have lurked at GC for a long time now haha. I just suddenly felt like I can contribute to the community with me and my buddies "crazy stoner stories" and etc. Anyways...

    One day after school me, my friend C, and my friend M load up in M's mom's car and head to a smoke spot in our small town called The Watershed. Basically after you drive over a huge hill holding all the water in the lake you are clear to smoke because you can see everything that comes up the hill way before they get to you :D! We had a pack of white owls and about enough for two fat blunts lol, so we start breaking down our product sitting in the car. M hops out of the driver's seat and goes off to the side of the road to piss, and when he gets back he says, "Guys... I think I just saw a dead body or something laying out in the tall grass."

    So of course we stop for a second and look back, only to see nothing and we decide to keep on rolling the blunts. After we get the blunts rolled we're gonna go check out what is out in the grass :p! Before we're done rolling though, C sees a guy's head pop up outta the grass behind our car in the rear view mirror. He tells me and M and now we are watching this guy very closely and he is watching our car as well lol. By the time we get the blunts rolled we find out that there is a girl with this guy in the grass... doing it haha! We witness several different positions and what not as we bake out the car, making for an extremely hilarious smoke session. Before we drive off I found a hatchet in the car :)confused::confused:) and decide to put on an old cutoff shirt as a mask. I walk towards the fornicators, hahaha. The dude freaks out but continues humping away, and I get back in the car after giggling at the situation for a good minute and we drive off, totally blown away by what just happened.

    Haha, I swear everyday something totally amazing happens in a stoner's life... who else would something like this happen to? lol!
  2. lollll guess your secret spot is not so secret anymore
  3. instead of that hatchet thing ya shouldve gone up and said "room for one more down there" or something and just made it awkward for them
  4. Ha, that's funny as shit, n Vanilla White Owls are what's up.
  5. haha lmao nice story man. damn someone comes up to you with a hatchet and a mask, and you just go on about your business , funny stuff
  6. if i was the fornicator i wud of kept the bitch down and ran for my life thinking it was jason or some shit.:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  7. Reminds me of this:
    [ame=]YouTube - Family Guy Bigfoot Clip[/ame]
  8. 2 people having sex on a bigass hill is an "intresting" find?
    I thought you found 30g or something. :(

    You should have told the guy "Congratulations son, you're becoming a man now!"
  9. you should of just stood there picking ur bellybutton watching would be the creepiest thing ever
  10. Haha I remember a while back me and my friend hiked a bunch for about a couple miles to this huge waterfall. We get there sit down smoke a few bowls with bong water from the falls, we finish and decide to get closer. We go over this rock and there's these two beautiful chicks making out on a rock. Just added to the expirience they were chill with us walking by they didnt stop once. It was pretty funny

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