An interesting, but over-priced gadget...

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  1. Just saw this- never tried it- don't know if it works- just looked cool. If it does what it says and is reasonably accurate, it could be quite handy!

    MyDx: A Personal, Handheld, Smartphone Enabled Cannabis Analyzer

    MyDx: A Personal, Handheld, Smartphone Enabled Cannabis Analyzer

    Know Your Cannabis

    SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / March 24, 2016 / The MyDx Analyzer with CannaDx Sensor, by MyDx Inc. (MYDX) is the first of its kind portable chemical analyzer to accurately identify the composition of your cannabis. Controlled by a smartphone app, the device measures cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and terpene levels in cannabis and analyzes the sample to predict the feeling you're about to experience.



    Right now they want about $700, which I feel is a tad steep. There's a $50 off code in the article. But like most gadgets, I expect the price will come down in time. I'll wait.


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  2. The technology is a new field: the applications of e-nose devices are quite stunning and fantastic, but they're still not yet perfect. As for the accuracy, I'll put it like this. There are high hopes that we, in the next few years, will have devices with this technology that can highly accurately "sniff" out cancer in patients who come to the doctor's office for a general screening. At the same time, analytical chemists are NOT YET using this technology as a substitute for the tried and true analytical methods, preferring to wait until the technology is at the point where it will be used alongside current methods.

    TL;DR - Not surprised it costs $650 even with the coupon. Technology is never where it should be with the first iteration, look at even the current iPhones and how they get improved after launches. It's probably decently accurate, though it's also likely too steep for the average consumer.
  3. I've seen a couple of variations of that. I think we'll start to see a lot more on the market sub $99. I think this kind of thing will be real popular among the pot hipsters in the legal states.
  4. great idea, horrible price. if it was £150 or less i would buy it. as long as it works good i think its a great idea

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