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    My friend and I have decided to start growing. One of us is growing indoors, and one is growing outdoors. I am the one growing indoors.

    There aren't very many places to grow indoors where I reside, so I've opted to turn my closet space into a growing area. It's a small area. The dimensions are 2'6" x 3'4" x 6'9", (front to back x side to side x height), with a small shelf near the ceiling. If I managed it properly, I could grow about six plants in this space.

    I'm primarily looking for a potent yield. However, if I can maximize the size of my plant(s), I'd enjoy it as well, though this is not my priority. For this, I ask: "What would be the better method of growing following these pre-requisites?"

    There is enough space to start a hydroponics system, though this would be costly. It would be an excellent method were I focused on growth time and potency, but I still have to follow a budget. Though if there was a way I could create a hydroponics system within reasonable costs, I would accept this method.

    Another solution is to simply create a grow box in my closet, This would be budget-friendly, and if I were focused on the size of my plant, I could always grow them to a desired height and harvest them or I could transplant to outdoors at any time. However, I do not wish to transplant to an outdoor area. And just as well, this would make it harder to control it's growing environment, which could make it harder to acquire the desired potency.

    I'm also aware of growing in a bucket. This I could also do, though I'm not entirely familiar with the pro's and con's of this method. Nor an I aware of the costs.

    Summarily, I'm looking to create atleast six, potent plants, where size is appreciated but not an issue, following a budget-friendly method. I do not care about growth time.

    So my inquiry is this: "What would be the best method(s) to achieve this goal?"

  2. Hey Mate, try looking at Bubble Buckets or Deep Water Culture, wont be able to grow many plants but it is cheap and easy and the results are impressive, Plants have very strong and fast vegetative growth and in my experince produce a great yeils per plant, yeilds up to 1/2 lb per plant are not uncommon

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