An INLINE......from Weed Star?!?!

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  1. link

    what are your thoughts?

  2. im pretty sure the design was stolen from an american artist.
  3. lol shitty weedstar sux

  4. and ?
  5. These are probably about as thick as a christmas ornament.....
  6. Inlines start at 100 minimum, what kind of quality do you think you are going to get out of a 32 dollar inline?
    It will probably break in a bomb proof shipped box.
  7. There's a lot of "probably" going around. Assuming the glass is of decent quality (most WS pieces are 5mm, which is indeed "decent") what would be a good reason NOT to buy it? Are there any obvious design flaws, etc.?
  8. QFT.

    When you go for the cheaper one, you usually end up spending more on replacements than a nice quality one would cost you.

    Save yourself time and money and find a quality one.
  9. ill tell ya what, even the this thing is probably a huge piece of shit, i will order it in a couple weeks just to see how cheap/good? it is. Its extremely cheap so who cares about $30 haha. I know thats money i could spend on something else but if i have some extra cash soon i might order it just to waste my money....
  10. yea with 30 bucks i might get that just for fun..
  11. to tell you the truth i would order it and just baby it like keep it out of the bong until i use it and stuff ya know? and also, for 32 bucks who really gives a damn if it gets broken at a party or something
  12. [ame=]YouTube - BudBroz:Inline AshCatcher (WeedStar)[/ame]

    you can see it in action at 2:35

    doesn't look bad.
  13. LOL...Everytime i come across these weed star threads i crack up. Everyone thinks, Oh wow...$32, thats got to be worth it, even if it is a piece of shit. But then i scroll down the thread and find that the owner opened the box to a broken ac or it broke after the first few uses.

    Bottom line, save your money
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    what kinda response is that?

    if you dont understand the sentance, then english must not be your native toungue, or you're an idiot.:rolleyes:
    or you said it to sound like a hardass who only looks out for numero uno and to hell with everyone who isnt you. cuz your a lone wolf, who doesnt play by the rules.:cool:

    but hey if you wanna give that shady bastard your money for unoriginal and inferior glass, feel free.:D
  15. Ya works good actually. I just wanna see people come in here and get pissed off because their 100/200/300/etc dollar inline functions just as well as a Weedstar. I bought one. Love it. No complaints. Don't hate it til you use it

    O yea btw mine came and is still in one piece. Cleaned it a few times as well.
    Vigorous shaking? you bet. Still in one piece.
  16. Everyone hates weedstar and 99% of them never even touched a weedstar piece of glass....:rolleyes:
  17. Looks like a piece of shit, but 30$ is priced accordingly.
  18. Did you have to get Anthrax poisoning to know that it's gonna kill you?
  19. yeah its funny when people say weedstar glass breaks sooooo easily but mines been bumped around a few times and hasnt broken. and its not like glass breaks itself, its just the idiots who cant take care of glass.

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