An Incredibly Helpful Factor When Meditating

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    If you’re having trouble meditating or you cant seem to get into it because of thoughts or distractions try popping your ears, you know like if you go under water cuz of the pressure

    Just pop your ears right quick and say AUMMMMMMMMMMM and you will notice that it will create a very loud buzz that totally takes over your senses completely and vibrates throughout the core, even for me with my eyes open. You will also notice your breathing will become quite loud and will feel as though your whole body is breathing. Also try breathing the right way in expanding your diaphragm downward first then middle-outward, and then the infamous chest inhale (most inefficient habitual kind)

    This makes it a bit easier to relax and get in the mood to focus on whatever you’re focusing on and for me it puts me in the state of meditation almost immediately as opposed to a few minutes. Hope this helps :)
  2. A tip that I use personally is:

    Transfer my consciousness to this point (in the image attached). It has a very strange effect on me. Silencing the thoughts becomes much much easier. When you are in the right spot, it seems as if you are looking out through your eyes from behind your eyes, instead of seeing with your eyes.

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  3. Thank you Peaches and Madrid. Those are both good tips and i am gonna try both of your methods later tonight.
    I do have a hard time getting into focus with my meditation. Sometimes I constantly unlock myself and it can be very discouraging.
    This is partly the reason why I meditate in the first place though so that I can slow or control my fast paced consciousness.
  4. ah yes Madrid thats actually a very good idea focusing on the pineal gland, you know some say that its our sixth sense? as in by focusing on it you begin to sense with it.

    but of course western science has deemed it as having no current purpose :rolleyes:
  5. when meditating you should really only concentrate on breathing. Think about it, you are always breathing, its a basic instinct or function your body does. When you focus your conscious on only your breathing, you are in tune with your basic function.

    trust me, you will experience some shit if you master it :laughing:
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    I will advocate for what blunts said

    If you can just concentrate on breathing

    Willfully concentrating on your breathing activates your parasympathetic nervous system. This is the brain "circuitry" that allows you to be "in the moment"

    in the moment=mindfulness

    and mindfulness has no need for pop up thoughts

    What I do is try to willfully control the duration of exhalation and inhalations and keep it a certain rhythm

    and as far as the OM dealy. that sounds like a good idea, if it works for you it works for you right?

    Like if you can close your throat (as if you wanted to prevent swallowing) at the same time you hum, it amplifies the sound of you humming

    just wanted to throw that in there <_<


    And as far as meditating while stoned. I think sometimes what happens to some people is that the cannabis ends up releasing a lot of melatonin which makes your brain think its dreaming or something so all these random firings go off of things you did throughout the day

    like random images as you close your eyes
    So probably, best way to avoid this is
    #1 Meditate before you smoke, so that your mind is clear before the melatonin overflows you
    #2 Get good sleep

    I'm no scientist, this is just my intuition about it...
  7. I like to slowly lean my head back into my couch. So slow to the point where you question if your head is even moving. It comes to this point where not even gravity plays a factor of me resisting.

    It's a very strange feeling to have, and it makes me concentrate very deeply.

    What helps with this is ambient types of music, very calming humming beaming sounds.
  8. i think its in the meditation thread but have any of you tried self hypnosis? (listening to recordings of yourself or of that nature)

    i have been doing this for almost a month and W-O-W. I am very impressed with my results so far. I get high during the day and when thoughts or ideas that i think are important come into my head, i record them in my voice recorder (portable of course :p) and then listen to my thoughts, when sober, while i am meditating. If you are past the point of breathing and can control your thoughts very well, i recommend this method.
  9. My tip is one that I've made on numerous other ocasions in this forum and repeat here. If you're going to set aside the time to meditate you might want to consider using a form that's based on the way that your mind actually works. The only one that I know of that is is ECMT (and probably the only one there is, period). A good source for information on the technique is its creator's blog: The Energy Factor

  10. thats a very good idea as you should be asking all the questions you have during meditation

    recording and playing them while meditating is a good way to keep your thoughts organized and in doing so you'll probably actually have more of a chance in answering them.

    im sure on youtube theres gotta be a ton of vids for meditation that also ask questions throughout a nice melody, feel free to post vids that are to your liking that you think would help get in the mood
  11. true but one should never rely on meditation to find answers. Meditation should more be looked at as a way to escape this illusion. Go to a point where you have no thoughts, no memories, just a blank mind. Only then will you find answers.
  12. In truth there is no meditation.
    Or non-meditation for that matter.

    Where can you go that you will not be yourself?
    How can you not experience what you are?
  13. I have done self hypnosis for years and I have done it for so long because it works.

  14. Do you think you are aware 100% of the time? Even meditating you are not aware 100% of the time, you consciousness turns on and off, on and off, imperceptibly fast.

    Ever smoked salvia divinorum?

    I felt like i was only conscious every 3 seconds as my panorama would flicker on and off into view and change as if I was having frame rate issues on my computer...

    Not to mention stress and the sympathetic nervous system makes it difficult for some people to stop worrying about the future or regretting or idolizing the past

    But I mean, I get what you're saying, thats just what came to mind
  15. You are 100% aware all the time. You can even be aware of unawareness.

    Yeah, I've done Salvia. :) I've been in "other worlds" but if I was not aware of them, how could I know I was there?
  16. if your just starting meditating, try some guided meditations or brainwave tracks.

    There are some good ones by centerpointe, kelly howell, etc.. just google it. actually theres a free one called astral induction. 20 minutes long, i find it perfect when your having a busy day and have an extra 20 minutes.

  17. I mean, to be honest the statement 100% aware all the time weather its true or false is a meaningless statement because it tries to quantify an imaginary concept "time"

    I do not think you are aware 100% of the time, a lot of the time you are "aware" of past memories or projected futures, but these are simulations of your mind and to me do not represent the present moment

    but if you want to think of the present moment as being in the past then i suppose you could think of it that way

    I mean if you get down to it even this present moment is a simulation of present stimuli

    so if you break down everything into just simulations and count what the mind is calculating as the present moment I guess its always there

    but i'm not talking about thinking or simulating or nothing

    I mean just experiencing
    like what "we" do when we aren't doing anything

    as in just pure awareness without judgement, attachment or preference

    like looking out of the window of your eyes

    thats what I think of when I think of awareness
  18. Eat a bunch of acid.
  19. Yeah, time is just an illusion.

    So, there is no past or future to create a delusion.

    All thoughts are direct experiences of Ultimate Nature.
  20. I'm interested...I went to the site and all I saw was writing that just looked like a sales pitch...

    whats this holy revolutionary technique that "makes yoga look like a joke"?

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