An IMPORTANT Warning From Dr. Ron Paul. Urgent

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  2. Lol, kind of old news bro, but yeah definitely it will likely happen sometime for sure within the next .5 to 5 years, which I know isn't much of a prediction Im just trying to be realistic....Greece economy is collapsing right now, and they are refusing to pay their debts cause their people are prolly educated and ready to rock n roll.
    After Greece, a few other Europe economies will likely fall, then America could be in line at some point
  3. By all accounts it should have happened already, yet it hasnt. Why not is the question?
  4. Ron Paul is spreading lies, and shilling for Stansberry, in that bottom video.  Do NOT give money to this company or listen to their investment advice.  They, and Ron Paul, are opportunists.  You would be far better off to go to an established brokerage firm and invest in something appropriate that is in your comfort level.   Some of Ron Paul's statements are completely false, such as, "The riots in New York".  There have been no recent riots in New York City or New York State.   He says, "the average American doesn't have a clue".  This is exactly what he is hoping for.   The fastest way to lose a lot of money, is to give it to his sponsor, Stansberry and Associates Investment Research.   This is fear mongering, plain and simple.  
  5. This is nothing more than an infomercial for a very shady investment-related company.  
    \nRon Paul goes on to marvel that his sponsor, Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, is not in New York, they're in Baltimore.  Why bother with the worlds leading financial market when you have nothing to offer the suckers, other than fear and the opportunity to flush their money down the toilet?
    \nRon Paul admits that he knows nothing about investments, other than gold and real estate, yet here he is again, telling us how to protect ourselves financially, and where to invest our resources, this time by making an infomercial for a company like Stansberry.  
    \nNice going, Ron, you've proven yourself to be even worse than I'd originally thought- and that's pretty bad.  
  6. I'm not worried, if everything goes bust pfff let it
    just go with the flow tho
    live long and live strong, smoke on and move on
    all's good that ends

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