An important question about RMJL.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Bud Head, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. If RMJL was food, what do you think she would taste like???

    Be honest. We are in the box!!
  2. Peaches~n~cream??
  3. Lemon merangue. :D
  4. I was thinking.......

    Strawberry short cake with lots of whip toping!
  5. Vanilla icecream with a slightly hot fudge topping, whipcream all around, and a lil cherry on top.

  6. Yes we are in the box... And you should be able to determine what we are talking about...

    Either way will work!
  7. warm caramel topping. for some reason I cant get it out of my mind :p
  8. a sandwhich made by god

  9. ill be that cheese :D
  10. a sweet and sour pork toasted sandwich garnished heavily with cannabis, with a hint of mango & pappaya. washed down with the finest smoothie known to man....

    ... and desert too. ;)
  11. Trout.

    lol j/k.
  12. a peice of chocolate cheese cake.....

    soft, sweet, satisfying and everyone here wants here....
  13. Some sort of sandwish with cheese and a a little mayo.

    btw i like trout

  14. make it an 83' softer, fuller and it has an all around less tanic bite.....

    plus its perfect to drink now.....
    retail: slightly over $300.
  15. She is like a fine wine........

    She would get better with time!!!!!
  16. like freshley baked brownies.... mmmmmmm

  17. Well said!!!!!!!!! I agree completely!!!!!!!
  18. I know that you know FC... You are the very same....

    Thats like giving candy to a baby... ya'll would keep us coming back for more and more!!!!!!

  19. I bet you couldn't cum just once when you are with us!!! LMAO. I have missed your witty humor.

    Candy to a baby???? Hmmmmmmmmm.............I'm too stoned for a great reply..........LOL

  20. i KNOW YOU'LL HAVE ONE SOON!!! caps locked again..

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