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Discussion in 'General' started by Dan Gleesac, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. whats up city? i have somewhat of an important question and my question is displaying your liscense plate like that illegal? im asking because i got pulled over for this violation of the traffic code one thing led to another and im in hand-cuffs getting charged with a DUI and my car is getting towed....i really dont think this is illegal because its been on my car like that for months and i havent gotten pulled over and if its not im gonna file a nice lil wrongful arrest suit or something of the sort after i talk to my lawyer.....

  2. I believe it is illegal because when it's dark out you probably can't read it

    Why do you want to leave that ugly blank spot where it should be anyway?
  3. And don't some states require a light over the license plate?
  4. those werent the answers i was hoping for but the reason its up there is the shitty lil plastic screws that were holding it where it does go snapped when i tried to change the plate......
  5. You are correct, sir

    You can get away without a front plate a lot of times, but the back one is important

    Tell us the rest of the story, what happened?
  6. Damn man that sucks, but the plates have to be visable and even if they were the cop will put in the report that he didnt see them at all to save his ass
  7. damn well heres the story...i went out with my buddies c20 being one of them and we were smokin a couple bowls and ive been away for 5 weeks and havent smoked at all and it was my first night three bowls of headie nuggets got me pretty baked...but back to the point

    i was mad thirsty so we went to wawa to get some drinks while im parking a cop passes me then backs up and parks next to me..this is when i knew something was up...i go into wawa get my drink and come out and hes gone we leave then i see him pullin out of the parking lot behind me i take a right and he hits the lights....

    he goes through the usual crap then he pulls us all out of the car i deny a search and they see nothing with their flashlights so far so good....he then gives me a series of field sobriety test which i guess i failed cause he then puts me in cuffs and takes me to a hospital to get a blood test searches my car and finds my bowl and c20's bowl...he doesnt find the 4 grams in c20's sock and the g in my car....

    i get charged with DUI and and possession of paraphenalia....all on my first night home...shit sucks
  8. Man, I'm really sorry. That sucks.

    What kind of field sobriety tests did they do?
  9. That does suck, brother. (to OP) :(

    And Sky Dog - in response to your post a bit above - I don't even think Indiana requires a front license plate (as of now... that is). Which I guess is nice.
  10. Damn Dan, thats a really unfortunate series of events :(

    I'm not sure what your options are moving forward with this stinking mess, but in my most humble opinion I'd be playing it safe with your plates, not pushing the limits, regardless of the word of law. The day those screws snapped shoulda been the day you bought new ones. If you're going to be toking or at least carrying in your ride, best to blend in... know what I mean?
  11. I've been pulled over for the same thing. As long as they are visable you should be fine, but I guess they can still lie and say they couldn't see it and use it as an excuse to harass you.
  12. Never give cops a reason to pull you over. If you are riding dirty.
  13. just go buy 10mm bolts, that should fix ur problem.

  14. or a 9mm for the next time those piggys fuck wit us!!!!

    yo ask them to show the vids and make sure you failed that test cuz thats bullshit and i don't think you failed. remember they said it was being recorded so ask to see the tapes bro.

    yeah that sucked.

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