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  1. So lastnight I was drunk and I was thinking of where I could grow my plants. I ordered some Automatic AK47 x Auto Blueberry F1 from the attitude seed bank earlier in the day, because those grow in 10 weeks from seed which I like. Anyways, long story short, I got an idea to rent a storage unit (something like public storage does) and grow 1-2 plants at a time. I dont want to make it an elaborate grow room or anything. I just want a nice safe place to grow a few plants and then I would cancel the unit after words. These plants only get up to a foot tall and like I said take between 8-10 weeks before they are done. So that means I would rent this unit for at most 3 months, because I have to cure the buds and stuff. Basically, I am wondering if plants like this smell too much to rent a storage unit or not. To me it seems like a great idea because the plant isnt big at all, but i want some opinions.
  2. Bad idea dude,,,,,,,,,too much could go wrong. Someone in the know could smell it, there could be light leakage you're unaware of, if a circuit breaker tripped, you'd be screwed. I'm sure others here will find even more things that could go wrong, those were just the first things that came to mind.

    I don't want to see you or anybody get busted for doing this, and that's asking for it IMHO.
  3. I figured it was too good to be true lol. I orignally planned to grow out in the woods somewhere or a place that nobody would ever stumble upon my plants. Im not planning to sprout any of these seeds until april so right now im just doing my homework and getting the seeds before I actually attempt a grow. I got an email from the place I ordered yesterday with a tracking number so it looks pretty good i'll have my seeds soon. I guess i'll just stake out a few places that look good to grow so in april i'll be good to go.
  4. Yeah bro, grow out in a secluded place in the woods, don't set yourself up for getting in trouble. Good Luck!
  5. Do self-storage places even have electric hook-ups inside the units? I doubt it, they don't want the expense and the fire hazard of someone leaving something plugged in and running, and I'm sure they thought about growers wanting to use their facility long before you did.
  6. Around my neck of the woods, storage facilities are popular for quick meth cook operations. Every few months or so you read about one burning down because of some tweeker doing something stupid to the electrical inside of a storage unit. Avoid these units.
  7. i use self storage units all the time [for storage, not growing]. and i can say its a terrible idea. most places want a copy of the key, an they can enter anytime for any reason.

    one time i was renting a place that didnt need a copy of the key, and i got a phone call from the manager asking me to come in. turns out the guy renting the unit next door had a car stored in the unit, and it leaked oil into my unit. they had to cut off my lock to clean it up before it got on my shit. they called to tell me they put a new lock on it and gave me a key

    DEFINITELY not a good idea
  8. Yeah, im glad I asked you guys about this. I was mainly thinking of the idea because I know deer love to eat weed sprouts/plants and i def dont want some bastard deer doing that to my beautiful One of the things I am consurned about now is that I only want to grow one or two plants at a time and I read that most of the time you will get mostly male plants (like 8/10) unless they are feminized seeds. How soon will I be able to tell if its a male or a female? Since its an autoflowering strain I would think i could tell in 2 weeks from seed, but im not sure. It is suppost to start flowering 2-3 weeks from seed, so thats why im wondering.

  9. They won't.

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