An idea for the 'good life'

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by livingrace, Feb 23, 2002.

  1. I was having my morning wake and bake and I thought of an idea...My husband is in the cabling business. He's in Alaska right now doing a cabling job for the govt. I know all that shit the govt wastes money on its unreal and it makes me MAD too. He was suppose to be home on Sun. now he has to stay till Tues because of red tape! Again money being spent as a waste. Anyway...back to my idea.

    There is ALOT of money to be made in cabling. And think...what the world needs right now is more internet!!!!! The more information you give individuals the more powerful you become. And we could become major players in the WORLD by becoming expert cablers.

    This all might get kinda wierd, so before I screw up I gotta tell ya, I just now thought of this. It's wild...I haven't put any 'real' thought into this particular idea. Although it is something I've thought of before. The world needs to be connected to the internet. There is unlimited cabling that needs to be done!

    I needed a little toke break. But I need to finish this.

    Wouldn't it be something for us potheads, (that just happen to live all over the world) to become the millionaires. Traveling around the world, visiting each other, having board meetings. Where else do you have the finest! I mean the finest bunch of people I have EVER had the priviledge to meet, Maybe any ideas!

    We could have our own company jet. I mean a nice one. Be anywhere you want to be. Just get a cabling job there. You can do it all with subs. We just learn how to become 'expert' businessmen. We learn how to 'run a company'. And...we do it with the utmost integrity. I mean utmost!!!! I am telling you what. The internet is the way to empower the masses.

    Wouldn't it be something if 'our company' became one of the world financial players. One of integrity. One that gives to the poor. The right way. We can start our own charity! Our faith is "GOD" however you see him. Not christian, muslim, anything. Just "GOD" and 'God is love' nothing more nothing less. With the worlds money at our hands we could at least make a dent in the WORLDS poor. We could cable there for free and give them all internet. Think what some of the oppressed worldsvictums could do with that kind of power. IT COULD BE AWESOME. Like I said at the beginning. An idea for the 'good life'!

  2. A friend of mine has moved to China to study. He's majoring in international business or something and he's fluent in Chinese. He won't be back til August and I might go visit him this summer...if I can lay off the pipe.

    I had a job with him before at this marketing research place. It's sort of like telemarketing only we don't sell things, just take surveys over the phone. Anyways...he started working there again and he said he could get me in good with the higher-ups and I could be working there again.

    Now he's in China and the people haven't called me back. After watching Office Space...I'd rather them not call back. I'd rather not go back to sitting in a booth and talking like a robot.

    Lately I've been thinking of taking a 40 hour course at this bartending college that finds a place for you to work. I think it'd be fun and I've got a head start since I've been a server before and a busser/barback before that.

    Anyways...I totally agree with your idea.
    My friend makes me proud that he's doing something with his life. It inspires me to get off my ass but I don't know where to start I guess. Sometimes I just want to get on the road and see where it takes me. I don't have anything holding me back here, living for the day but counting on tomorrow.:smoke:
  3. I know what you mean. I quit my job as a para at a middle school. I loved the job. I was in the library and helped kids WANT to read. Read Harry Potter to the mild to moderate class. It was awesome. But the politics...drove me crazy. I got paid $500.00 per month. Yeah...I know. I started having this dream that I was going to find the perfect job.

    I had prayed and believed with my 26 year old for the perfect job for her and she got it. She is selling custom made suits to CEO's and shit. She's been extremely successful in it. She just bought a 2002 black grand pre last night. Completely on her own. Spent 3 1\2 hours dealing with it, loving it etc etc By the way, I am extremely proud of her.

    I was out of work from May till Jan. I was getting really bored sitting at home, but here we are again with why that was goood because, I would have never found this place for this idea had I not started smoking everyday all day. But...I also NEEDED to get a job. Too much is too much. I actually waked and baked the other morning before work and successfully(the best day I've had there) made it through my day.

    Anyway...I prayed and believed andI got a job where her biggest client owns, and it SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm on the phone all day talking to people. It's a title company. I find notaries to do peoples closings of their 2nd mortgages. I was like GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was believing for the perfect job, and what I got is a time clock, I got 1\2 of an occurance for having to go to court. Bureaurocry....And I have to be good...I want to do good...I want to walk in integrity. It is SSSSOOOOOOOOOOO hard!!!!!!! But, I believe in perfect timing.

    But now after this morning, this is great practice to start connecting world wide. We can do it all with computer, phone, fax, e-mail etc. I can see why I'm there right now. It's all part of the big picture.

    I've always taught me kids If you just believe God will never lead you in the wrong direction. God is love.

    SO... anyways. Someone we know speaks Chinese, business knowledge. Can you imagine ... whatis is we have here????????????????????????????????????????????
  4. Hey livingrace.....where can I apply? soon as ya find a place for an old longhaired cowboy musician let me know......Physical Security??? Peace to you and yours Lady!

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