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An Herb Lover’s Dilemma

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FineKine09, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Hello GC, fellow tokers, seekers, or just the curious! Glad to see you all here in this awesome community.

    I was a member of the old and was devastated when it was shutdown and all that great info lost. After some bored internet searches and a nice bowl of the freshest Kine, I’m grateful the smoke clouds landed me here today. (Well not fully landed, if ya feel me)

    Introductions aside, I have a HUGE problem I was hoping some of you experienced tokers could help me with. I love cannabis. I first discovered it at 15 and ten years later, it is still one of my favorite pastimes. But just recently my doctor handed me a painful message: I'm on a fast track for emphysema. Apparently, I have asthma (go figure, I can live 25 years and never know). Doc says it’s quite common for people like me who smoke and have seasonal allergies to develop asthma later in life and then emphysema. I don’t smoke tobacco, just herb.

    While the doc's message put the fear in me, it’s more than that. It is actually painful to smoke sometimes. So what are my options if I don’t want to throw away my love but I also don’t want to walk around with an air tank the rest of my life? I like the relaxing capabilities of cannabis, but I don’t like pills like xanax or other pharms. So that’s not a possibility. I borrowed a friend's vaporizer for a while but it never really got me high. I have always smoked only the finest so my tolerance is quite high. The edibles I have made aren’t able to get me there either.

    If anyone has had good experience with vaporizers, edibles, or other forms of feeding the head without smoking I would love to hear about it. Other helpful comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated too.

    Much love - FineKine

  2. I'd retry the vape. I just got mine, it took me a few times to get it working as it should be now that I have the hang of it I don't even see the need to 'smoke' anymore...I'm getting over bronchitis still and the vape doesn't agitate my lungs at all like the smoke did (before I knew I had it) and the overall feeling is much it doesn't make me hack up shit like smoking does...give it another go and see what happens :)

  3. Thanks for the advice. Maybe my friend's was a piece of crap... What type of vape did you get?

  4. I picked up Da Buddha off eBay for a lot less than the MSRP. Here's the thread about my experience with it so far...

    Only thing I'm missing is a grinder, which I have already ordered...I'm getting with the times. Up until now it was fingers and my cheap bong or one of my glass pipes. Heh.
  5. id say try a different vape. ive smoked the box vapes with the hoses and those never seemed to get me high, but volcanoes are amazing!!!

    maybe smoking hash/oils/budder would be a lot better cause your not inhaling all (well nearly as much) burnt plant matter, instead just the cannabinoids.
  6. Good to know. The one I was smoking was the box and hose type and it didnt do much for me either. I might just throw down on a volcano. Hell i know i can always re-sell it if it doesnt work out for me.

    And if i come across some hash or oil, believe me i will be smoking it. :D Unfortunately im in a new town and have yet to find such goodies. Cant blame me for not coming prepared though. I brought about 2 grams of the best bubble hash the Appalachia has to offer. I stretched it out for 2 months, and thats a "profile in courage" if you ask me!

    Thanks for the tips
  7. if ya can get larger amounts ya could make your own hash or kief products. get all the trichs off the bud ya can, then qwiso or BHO all the leftover bud to get everything outta it
  8. True. But wouldnt I want leaves and midgrade buds so that i could get the best bang for my buck? Or is it worth it to buy high grade buds and make hash out of it? I have never tried that.

    The first experience i had with making kief/hash was at a buddy's grow house and we used fine screens to make kief with some midgrade bud he grew. After a 1/4 pound your fingers get really tired. The end product wasnt that great tho. Burned quick and nothing really special with the high.

    The second experience was with bubble bags. And the results were noticeably better. We stripped down plants, leaving only the big stems behind, and put the buds, leaves, and small stems through the 4 bags. We got alot more end product than with the kiefing process, it lasted longer in a bowl, and the high was out of this world. We called it buddha crack because people couldnt get enough of it. It turned hippies into junkies for our hash.

    Never heard of using alcohol like in the qwiso system you suggested but it looks solid. Do you have a link for BHO. I cant find any good instructions.

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