An Extreme Sensation Of Sensing Feelings When High?

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  1. Not sure if this is the right subforum to post this in but i have to get this out there. I haven't smoked in about 3 years. I just went to my uncles for a party he wanted to have to celebrate his life. He was diagnosed with a very aggressive brain tumor and given only a short period of time left on this earth. I had the chance to burn one with him on the back porch and i wasn't about to pass it up when he handed me the bowl.

    I had quit due to anxiety issues when smoking so i was hesitant to smoke but nevertheless i did. When i got back inside i noticed i was getting some heavy vibes. The house was pretty big, but the people in the kitchen were all doing shots and have a great time. Truly making the best of a shitty situation, there was great food... i mean the food at this party... dozens of trays of food! This was an epic celebration. However in the den where my uncle was. It was like night and day in there man.

    The more mature crowd was in there, essentially the sober area of the party. The vibes weren't negative, but they were sad. As i went to leave for the night we said our goodbyes and my eyes met with my uncles about 20 feet away from the door to the den and it hit like a truck! It's like he was saying goodbye mixed with a feeling of understanding between us. We weren't really close once i got older and moved further away, but we definitely had a connection. Both of us are laid back and really heavy into rock.

    But as i got home i got some really negative vibes from my wife. She didn't want me to start smoking again because she worries about my panic attacks. I felt it most of the way home but it got amplified by 100x when we got in the door! It was so damn strong it started to actually cause me some mild anxiety. Once i talked to her and calmed her down, she explained she was happy i got to smoke with my uncle one last time and that she's just worried about my interest to take up smoking again.

    TL;DR i used to get these vibes from people before. But after smoking again after going 3 years without... holy crap did i notice it! I swear i could even get vibes from my cats lol. It sounds crazy but it's the truth. I seem to have a much deeper understanding of peoples feelings when i'm stoned. I've always been perceptive even sober but this... was almost too much! Thoughts?

  2. I've always said weed is an amplifier. This is why food tastes better, why music sounds sweeter, why sex feels more amazing, and why people have "paranoia", which more often than not is nothing more than just amplified awareness.

    What you felt around your uncle is perfectly normal considering the gravity of his situation. You being amplified during that encounter would have only amplified that gravity. I have often felt very profound loving feelings for my family members when high. One of the reasons MJ is holy to me is because it has made me a better son and brother to my family. That is very valuable to me.

    The wife thing is nothing more than the ole "harshing your buzz or mellow". The fact that you were feeling something deep and moving just before, meaning the uncle thing, would only have made her nagging more of a buzz kill. Since you're still somewhat high, the amplification still applies so any negative interaction between you two is also amplified. This is why setting plays such a big role in all kinds of trips. You don't want to have negativity around you when high. At best, it will harsh your buzz and ruin your high. At worst, it will send you into panic attacks etc. The wife nagging luckily only ranks on the harshing the buzz meter ;)


  3. Very good point. It definitely is an amplifier. It's funny because if i feel anxious and i smoke, i often get more anxious. But if i'm in a calm mood it just makes for the most amazing time ever when i add some buds to the equation. It's funny how much i didn't realize about cannabis. I didn't truly respect it and i feel that's why i've had problems with it and anxiety in the past. It's more powerful than people give it credit for and it's much more complex than most believe.

    With the current age we are living in, less pot persecution, more information is coming around about cannabis. It's being studied more, and it's being taken more serious by the scientific community. More tests are being done over longer periods of time as well. I had no idea all the chemical compounds cannabis had. Back in the 90's we just thought THC got you high. Cannabinoids didn't exist as far as we were concerned.

    So with me being a very perceptive person and sensitive to vibes, it just amplifies it. Some people might not feel those vibes at all. I've noticed a lot of people are too "loud" or "noisy" to pull in information like i do. Those kinds of people often clash with my own personality. They are always in outgoing mode and never in receiving.

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    Yeah, setting is everything. The higher one is, the more it matters. Any negative environments, situations, and people should be avoided while high. For some, especially if anxiety has been an issue in the past, it is perhaps best to avoid high action content areas altogether, like malls, clubs, bars, etc. For those, I'd recommend only smoking in the comfort of a home, best friend's apartment, or my favorite alone in nature. Friends and significant others should be respectful of someone's high. Any serious conversations they want to have can be had after. Berating a high person just seems like a dick move.

  5. It's funny because i used to look at cannabis as something to help escape a stressful situation. But no... not really. I mean it does help some people. But for me it just amplifies whatever is happening around me. It's insane that it took me so long to understand cannabis on a deeper level, as i stated before i just didn't have the proper amount of respect for it and how it worked with me.
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