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Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Digit, Apr 14, 2003.

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    U. S. A.
    It is reported that the White House is reconsidering financing more TV spots that portray drug users as financiers of terrorism. Scheduled to end in June, these messages have raised much dust ever since their first appearance in the 2002 Superbowl transmissions.

    this means...
    ... that 'they' will most probably try to chase down and do as they please to all us harmless pot smokers because they wont allow the produciton of our prefered plant and so generally have to get it from sources that may have got if from countries that "harbour terrorists".

    we can be treated as 'terrorists' just for taking a toke.
  2. So basically they're accusing pot smokers of supporting terrorism, when it is really the law against pot that creates the terrorist fund in the first place. What an efficient, advancing society we have :p
  3. i'm glad that the british government at least have some form of a logical brain.

    sure, it sucks about the situtation in the US.
    but all i can say is at least i don't live there.

    look i smoke pot!! send me to camp x ray!!

  4. Yeah I'm pretty glad I live in canada :D

    Lax pot laws

    I actually don't know why I bother complaining about it, no one stops me when I do it on the street.

    Still, it means I CAN'T walk into the local coffee shop and pick up a few nugs of white widow so that still sucks :(
  5. Hey, what exactly are the laws in the UK and Canada?
  6. That really sucks

  7. In Canada marijuana is still an illegal substance, kinda like in the US except not so harsh. Generally the cops won't care if they see someone smoking a J, but they're still pretty tight-assed about dealing and growing. Paraphanelia is sold all over the place, often advertised as 'tobacco pipes' (cause tobacco is soo much better for you...) :p

    As for the UK, I'll pass it off to someone who knows :)
  8. In the UK cannabis is a class B substance under the cotrolled substances act 197(something)

    But this means little as, depending on where u are, the mood of the police on that day, how many anti-pot people are around, how public you are, how smelly it is and the phase of the moon you can get away with smoking responsibly in a public place.

    In Scotland it was publicly announced that cannabis was the LOWEST priority of the police. I have yet to see this to be completely true. if it truely was the LOWEST prioroty, then "arse scratching" would take precidence. :p

    It has been scheduled to be reclassified as a Class C drug. Despite the misconception of a great many, this does not mean it will be legalised (Tony dare not piss of America that much), nor officially decriminalised or even officially "tolerated". But as the public seem to be ahead of the laws on this subject we can only hope that everyone comes out in droves to support any more coffeeshops, and the police activly stop acting on cannabis users.

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