an "even" trade? pics

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  1. just traded 4 g's of mushrooms for:

    2 (generic) OC 80's
    and 1/2 a bottle of hydrocodone

    shitty cellphone pic
    bottle says
    pennikinetic susp MPI
    hydrocodone/chlorphen polis

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  2. you got an amazing deal. You will be leanin' like a motherfucker off that shit. It was one of my best opiate highs I think I've ever had. The deal was real good. Also I can never find liquid hydrocodone, it seems to be very rare so enjoy man
  3. i would say good trade for someone that gets mushrooms often

    but i only get mushrooms like 5 or 6 times a year so i cherish them, i can get oxy whenever
  4. i'd say you probably got the better deal. around here generic 80's are like 30 bucks and an eighth of shrooms 25 so i'd say you made out like a bandit unless shrooms are real pricey or hard to come by.
  5. Well around here, what you got is worth like $80 and what he got is worth $28
  6. I would say you deffinately got the better half of the deal, depending on how hard it is to get boomers in your area.
  7. Yeah, you got the better deal. oc 80's usually go for $40 a pop.
  8. Liquid codiene is the shit!!! I have a few bottles I got from my doctor back when I got in a wreck and that stuff is awesome!

    Here's what you do, Mix some syrup with grape soda and hit like 4-5 bowls and your fucking flying! Lil Wayne style lol
  9. Definitely a good deal.
  10. Awesome deal in my area, OC80's go for 55-50 bucks and 4 grams of shrooms would cost me 25-30 :wave:
  11. yo u got an awesome deal
    i guess ur leanin like the tower of pisa eh
  12. Im not sure but i think the syrup you have has Chlorpheniramine Maleate in it, which is dangerous in higher doses.:confused:
  13. weather or not you got a good deal just depends on the area and what dealers everyone knows.

    in my area and with my connects. you got an even trade.

    mmm that tuss is my favorite. I love to mix it up in a watermelon slushie from sonic.
  14. That sounds like a fucking great deal. Where I'm at you like, tripled the value of what you had.
  15. Duuuuude, I have that same liquid right now. It's the fucking shit. Get's you high for 6 to 12 HOURS. So relaxing and euphoric too. I take 40ml or so and it makes me sooooo happy. 1/2 of a bottle is worth $20 with insurance (if you're getting it from the pharmacy). So you got a pretty damn good deal. Enjoy that shit man, it's got like 1-2 doses in it depending on how much you take. It tastes fuckin' great too. BTW, it's prescribed for coughs so if you wanna get some more, just go to your normal doctor with a "severe and long lasting cough" and you will probably be prescribed this, I get it a couple times a year :D
  16. It's extended-release, so you can take a lot more then 24mg and be perfectly safe.
  17. Dude you got straight hooked up brotha! I'm jealous. Good vibes:)
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    oh my god damnit in a fuck factory i want that tussionex!!! yes good trade all the way. you raped him.

    im getting sick and my doc prescribes me tuss when i go in.. shits expensive as fuck at the pharmy. 60-80 a 4oz bottle. yea OP i would have traded just for the tuss. those OCs are worth another 20-60 a pop. god damnit i wish i was you for a day :(

    edit dont hit that tussionex like some purple either. it hits in waves and if you take too much you'll be sleeping for hours. i swear i'll sip like a half oz of tussionex and right when i think i can sip more the nod hits me again. for some reason that tuss gets me way more faded than anything else with hydro i take. it taste so good too.. god damnit i want some so bad.. drink it straight. don't poor up. as i said its much stronger than purple or any other hydro/codeine syrup. and it goes for 15-35 an oz depending.
  19. I would say you were definitely the beneficiary in this exchange.
  20. Money wise, yeah.

    But I only get mushies a couple times a year, so nah for me.

    Edit: but I do really want that Tussinex you lucky guy hah

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