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  1. It's not "death" that we should hold the grudge against. It's not "death" that we should hate and be angry at for taking our loved ones...

    It's our attachment to the LIVING that we should dislike (after all). It's that attachment that will kick your ass when a loved one dies, for death is just a natural process - just as birth is.

    Birth and death have been around much longer than us humans with our 100+ year life-spans.

    So it's not death we should hate. It's our own dependance and attachments to the living and the ones we love that are the ones to blame.
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    I see your point, and it's very valid; but, it's not really the attachment, that's the problem, it's the uncertainty. The enigma and obscurity surrounding "death" is what people hate and fear.
  3. Everything is a natural process, maybe we should love everything.

    Weed being illegal is natural because human nature is to avoid or eliminate things foreign to them. Lets love the war on weed my brothers.
  4. Not true, I have no issue with my own death but with others because of attatchment. My only problem with my own dying is the attachment my son has to me (as well as others but mostly him). It is true of many and one of the reasons religion is popular but not always the case.
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    Right, and the obscurity shifts from your own "death", to your son's future... God forbid, if you were to die, and you knew your son would be perfectly okay, in terms of finance and mental stability, after your departure, would you still hate death, as much as you do right now(due to the attachments in life)? Probably not as much, because you know your son will be okay, without you. So, again, it's not really the attachments, as it may seem that way, it's the uncertainty and obscurity.
  6. I don't hate death, but if he is fine then what can I say? Once I am dead all that matters is those in my life who are still alive. I believe death is like pre-birth, absolutely nothing.

    Many people see death as meaningless outside the personal meaning you yourself own. To me that meaning is the attachment others have to me, if I die it hurts them. There is no uncertainty because I am certain death brings literally nothing. Unless by uncertainty you mean the unknown reaction from the living world? Then I agree in a way, I figured you meant uncertain of heaven and hell and meeting grandma who died years ago, that I find silly.
  7. I think death is scary when your younger like 12+ then you have a kid and your scared of dieing because whos gunna look after them plus other things, then you get older and you wonder what the hell am i gunna be remeberd for or what can i leave behind that will help your loved ones. death is what keeps us thinking it gives us that motivation to achieve in life i think anyway.
  8. 1.) No, not at all.

    2.) If your THAT "certain" about something which is uncertain, you can be most certain, your certainly going to be wrong. "Death" can be an oasis or it can be eternal darkness... U will never know, until YOUR "dead". And that's what I mean about uncertainty - the ignorance surrounding the subject. And that's what people fear.
  9. But after thinking about it... "death" as a concept, and how you approach it, is not the same for all people; some people hate death because of its uncertainty, and some people dislike death because they're losing people and things they're attached to.
  10. I will never experience Death. No one has, no one will. You cannot experience non experience. I guess many people have a problem or fear understanding that.
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    How do u know for certain there isn't an afterlife? I personally dont believe there to be, but I cannot totally eliminate the possibility. And, going from life to death is a transition, between two different states, linking experiences; but no, u can't technically "experience" death, by definition.
  12. Occam razor.
  13. Okay... So u dont know for certain, you've just decided for certain.
  14. How can you not experience death as you are being ripped away from this reality of ours and entering the cosmos?

    It has to be like tripping balls, full with a final ego death and departure from body.

  15. Yeah i believe it's going to be a lot like doing dmt, where you just blast the fuck off into the most intricate universe you could imagine, filled with love.

    In a way im scared because i still fear the un-known, but after doing dmt i am kinda really excited... because i know the after-life, if there even is one, could be beautiful beyond comprehension.
  16. death is just another part of life.....think about it.
  17. [ame=]Bashar -- Life After Death - YouTube[/ame]
  18. When someone close to you dies, you get angry, you get sad, and you curse death, for taking away your loved one.

    Then you realize, death has nothing to do with your anger and sadness, but it's your attachment to that person that's making you angry and sad.

    You wish he/she was still alive, but he/she isn't. And that's making you angry and sad.

    So you let go of the attachment you have for your loved one, and the anger and the sadness go away...

    I see what you mean man...

    You're trying to deal with suffering, right?
  19. The universe is alive, we're just a part of it. Ill be just as alive when im dead as i am right now. Integrated, or disintegrated,.. all the same.

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