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  1. ive always known it takes a long time for plastic to decompose.
    but it hit me pretty hard today.
    to put it where i'm coming from, here's a link full of stats.
    not only does plastic take forever to break down, but it's everywhere.
    at my job alone, we use plastic for:
    large cups
    x-large cups
    cup sleeves
    take out bags
    wrapping (to wrap more plastic items)
    the list goes on.
    its pretty sad to know that all of these plastic items are made purely for transportation purposes and have no industrial value except for keeping things separated, or holding something for a small amount of time. these things are thrown away immediately, headed straight to a pile of filth out in the middle of nowhere.

    but it's ok, as long as you have your 42 oz bucket of mountain dew for the ten minutes youre there, ruining the environment is justified.

    this thread will probably die down and become buried amonst the millions of "i just got busted" "im high" and "omg" threads. it's also likely to become grouped as another "save the environment" spurts. but if one person can help me out, spread the word another time, it could hit that one person that will choose to do the right thing again.

    sadly, most of us will read this thread, agree, and click the back button to read something else.

    i'm writing to my newspaper editorials with this in mind, and the uses of hemp for basically everything we use today. post this on your local craigslist rant n rave, your local paper, anywhere to get the word out. if anyting, at least try to use less plastics.

    im not trying to spark a revolution here. just looking for support.
  2. I won't let your thread become another thrown away thread.
    But I agree with you. I'm not really a big save the environment kind of person, but as I am studying to become a bio systems engineer I have been faced with this issue time and again. It certainly is a problem we'll have to face some day. Like seriously, your business is just one out of millions that deal with plastic. Tha fuck do we do with it?

    Have you heard of the literal 'island' of plastic that floats through the pacific? It's twice the size of texas!

    Great Pacific Garbage Patch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Citation needed as it is wikipedia. (but we all know and trust it!! :hello::D:p:):devious::devious::devious::devious::devious::D)
  3. I'm totally with you. I actually did a speech on recycling in school. I am a hardcore tree huggin save the environment guy. It's not hard to recycle and not throw shit on the side of the road.
  4. yeah man, thanks guys. i conveniently discovered the rehab song graffiti the world a few hours after i had the thought at work. funny thing, theyre from my town but i never gave them a good listen.
  5. I really like rehab...especially lawn chair high and 1980

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