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  1. A formerly depressed rather hot, kinda short, cuban chick in my statistics class just discovered how great it was to be prescribed prozac. she spent about half an hour dancing energetically for no reason and laughing at everything. Long story short i want that shit from what i just saw, how does one go about getting that and do results vary? ( I mean she is short and skinny, i'm tall and slightly overweight, i dunno if it'd affect me less)
  2. You're an idiot.. Anti-depressants are not recreational at all and if you don't already have problems, you will.
  3. uuuuhhh ssri's take about a month to start working and are kinda shitty drugs...they work for some. I would never ever ever touch them as a rec drug.....that just makes you fucking depressed for along ass time ive heard and they dont really give you postive rec allll. but shit if you wanna get prescribed it just ask your doctor for it...its not a widely abused drug or anything... might make you undepressed if you take it how your supose to.
  4. dont ever take anti-depressants even if you are depressed. period. Watch Generation Rx.
  5. prozac sucks,
    I threw my whole 3 months script in the trash
  6. Pretty horrible advice. If you are depressed you should go talk to your doctor. Anti depressants work for a LOT of people, and are worth giving a try if you feel down.

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