an encounter with a ghost

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  1. Let me set the scene. It was a saturday night. there was me, tamania, josh, eliza, liam, tom and nick. it was 2am we had nothing to do and we were just talking about shit, and eventualy some one mentioned something about the girl who died at our school the other year. (she was swiming in the pool and her toe got stuck on a pipe *not funny* and drouned).

    So we were like "hey lets like try call her spirit" and liam (my gay fagot cousin) said "na guys dont it will be scary" like real serious. we prety much ignored him, lit a few candles, turned of ALL the lights in the house. Me, tamania, eliza, nick and tom sat in a circle and liam and josh, being the gay pussys they are sat on the couch and watched.

    every one linked hands and heres what happend. tamania said "we call forwrth the spirit of *cant rember her name* into this household" and every one was quiet, everyone noticed a breeze of cold air, and liam said "guys stop it your scaring me" (yes he is like 16 its sad i know...) and we started like to try talk to her, i started getting the chills. i said "if there any spirits present in this room please give us a sign" about 5-10 seconds later a shadow of a head appeared above the lazyboy, everybody saw it and was like screaming and starting to stand up (still linking hands) the shadow was still there and it was deffinatly not any of us. so we let go of our hands and it dissapered. i quickly rushed for the light switch and flicked it on. everybody was real scared and like wtf srsly.

    and this next paragraph is about tom sleep walking

    at about 4am Tom was asleep and he got up and walked up to the kitchen looked out the window groaned and fell over backwards. every one said 'tom stop faking'. he lay on the ground for 40 seconds and started crying. everyone was like tom whats wrong but he didnt respond. he got up and started to walk around and looked drunk, he had his phone up to his ear and just wanderd around, bumping into walls, josh said "ho guys he is sleep walking! dont wake him up he will freak serously you never wake up a sleep walker". tom fell over and started crying for about 2 minutes on the ground, got up and went back to his sleeping bag and crawled back in. we woke him up and he was freaking and saying "what the fuck where the fuck am i! who are you guys" he was deffinatly not kidding around AT ALL and we told him it was ok but he still freaked. and yeah im gonna have a shower now :)
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