An early closet grow. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Shady Narcotics, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Alright well i started my grow last week and have since been adding lights and other components to the grow and am ready for any criticism or advice you guys may have on my progress/setup.

    Number of Plants: 7
    Age: 1 week since they were planted. (solo cups)
    Lighting: 5x 42 watt CFLs
    2x 40 watt Flouro Tubes
    Occasionally i'll remove 2-3 of the plants from the closet and set them out in natural sunlight during the day, good idea?

    There is also a fan blowing in the room.


    I am very open to any suggestions, especially in regards to lighting, nutrients, and when I should be transplanting. Once again i would really appreciate any and all help you guys can offer.
  2. That looks alright for now, the sunlight is fine but you may want to move those tubes closer, and you'll want to transplant them as soon as they can handle it (4-6 inches or so) and dont add any nutes yet, wait until theyre a few weeks old
    hope this helps
  3. Arlight thanks for the time frame idea, and what gallons size buckets would be ideal if i plan on vegging and flowering for a total of 4-5 months?
  4. Looks alright as of now but they are just starting. keep light on them 24/7. cant really say anything else. they are to small to really tell anything of value. keep an I on them and update this as they go. Good Luck!
  5. And hopefully only 3 to 3 and a half months. anywhere for 55 to 70 days AVG.
  6. If they grew that fast id be pretty pumped, haha. As far as nutes go based on what Ive read in other thread miracle grow apparently isnt the way to go? But is it better than nothing, especially considering its available to me without having to spend any money.
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    Wish you luck on your grow!!! Are you gunna keep the smae lighting for when you transplant or what?
  8. i hope to either keep the same lighting or upgrade a little, my budget is kinda limited and since this is the only grow i have time for i dont want to invest toooo much money. The lighting however is my biggest concern and if i spend more money i want to do so wisely which is why i really appreciate any reccomendations.

  9. usually 3 or 5 gallon pots/bags are best
  10. Alright thanks, ill most likely purchase some of those cheap ass home depot buckets haha, I was also wondering in regards to water is tap water safe enough or does bottled water actually make a difference?
  11. depends on your tap water. tap water can have chlorine and other additives. bottled or distilled water is best, but you can use tap water. your best bet would be to have it tested for ph and chlorine. you should at least be testing ph anyways. you can also let tap water sit for a day or two and let any chlorine evaporate before you use it.
  12. Alright!!!:D:D Lookin forward to see your plants
  13. Hey guys, I was discussing lighting for flowering with a friend of mine and since he have electrical experience we were wondering if this ballast kit is a worthy purchase if coupled with this HPS bulb.

    It is a lot cheaper than the alternative we considered here.
  14. involved in this grow myself, going to pick up some mylar today.
    still both wondering about the light choice on HPS, ballast build kit or complete full kit.

    other then that it seems good so far, plants seem to be doing well.
    also now prolly have 5 buckets for later use.
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    Alright well today is the end of almost 2 weeks since the seeds sprouted, i have some pictures of the plants now and the updated set-up.

    Bathing in Sunlight.

    Raised the plants closer to the fluro tubes, and added Mylar reflectors.

    Two pictures of the setup with the "lid" closed.


    The temp gauge.

    Close ups of the plants, any recommendations and opinions on their health would be really helpful!!




    Just for consideration all these plants have had is bottled water and regular potting soil to date.

    I was also hoping someone would be able to offer me some advice in regards to the lighting upgrade we detailed here

    Thanks guys :smoke:
  16. anyone have anything to offer?
  17. Your seedling look like there dying man.. Im sorry. Dont feel bad though as im in the same situation as you. It happens man. But 2 weeks from seed your plants should be looking like plants at 2 weeks they should be pretty well off in the veg stage. Im thinking it was your soil? Or maybe you over waterted? Im not sure like i said my seedlings keep dying on me. Ive had 2 success grows. Then all the sudden all my seedlings wanna die? lol O well. Goodluck to you man. I would try again if I were you though.
  18. what do "plants at 2 weeks" look like?

    and theres really only 1 that seems to be dying, other ones look somewhat decent.
  19. Now there all pretty much yellowing.. plants at 2 weeks google it lol. Plants at 2 weeks are on there third set of leafs. With all the other leafs below are big. The fan leafs start to get big. Those ones dont even have fan leafs yet. Just my opinion. Some may agree with me but then again some may not. But at 2 weeks those are not in there proper stage of veg. The frist little leafs that come in the seedling stage right when the shell pops off I forget the names of them. But those are suppose to yellow off and die withing 2 weeks- 3 weeks. Not in the when there that small. But yeah Im going threw the same problem right now with all my seedlings they are dying. I currently have some seedlings going right now that seem to be doing alot better then the others ones. I changed my water from tap to distilled. Im waiting on a report of my water source to see whats in my tap water now.
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    i thought they would be on a 2nd or 3rd set by two weeks, and maybe it is the soil.

    we bought some pretty cheap soil, seems to be filled with some bark(large pieces) and not too quality.

    any chance if we repot them in new/different soil that there could be a big improvement?

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