an average smoke sesh with the boys

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GAVMAN, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Right i came home from work had 4 of the young team round smoked a bunch of bongs an shit went on the subway went to the movies high as fuck watched ted laughed my ass off then went out side smoked a couple of joints with my bros right out side the place in the city of glasgow an worst that happend was some guy came down the eskelator an said he could smell it from the 2 nd floor so we laughed an then i went home an typed this shit o yeh an jst ripped a bong fuck yeehhhh:cool:
  2. Dude your dialect is awesome
  3. sticky icky icky ooo weee!!!
  4. These are the type people I want to kick it with when I move to the states!
  5. [quote name='"totalitarian"']that's gangsta yo!

    last night i went to the crib with my homies and delivered 14 pounds of some dank sticky icky, smoked a blunt with the top dawg and left with 59,000$. fuck yeahhh ![/quote]

    Woah :O

  6. Dont believe him. He is a totalitarian.
  7. Mmmmm... Mac and Cheeeezzzz :love: (Homer Simpson voice)
  8. i feel you. sounded like a good time but like you said an average smoking sesh. its crazy how good weed can make things

  9. You just said you made 59 gs?

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