An amusement park for stoners.

Discussion in 'General' started by Legalizeitalrdy, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. So I had this idea for an amusement park and although I'm not sure if it is original or not, I'm gonna lay it down on Grasscity and hope there is a discussion about it.

    What if Marijuana became legal in California or the entire United States (one can dream eh?) and they built an amusement park for people when they are high!
    There could be trippy rollercoasters, simulation rides, shops that have a library of weed, buffets, chill out spots, games, laser tag, and a bunch of other shit that you want.

    I know this is wishful thinking. I don't care if it's a bad idea that will never happen. I just want to know what is everyone else's thoughts? What would you want in that amusement park? If any of you are good at engineering and weed happens to become legal, would you build it? Are all-you-can-eat buffets really a good idea in a place full of people who are stoned? Please share :]
  2. sweet man that is similar to my idea. but i like your idea alot more that would be so fucking fun. when i went to disney land it was like that for me except i wasnt stoned and everything was too expensive for me to afford. i jut kept thinking man i wish i was stoned

    edit- i think it shouldnt be a buffet though... well not a buffet with a bunch of breaded stuff like the usual. i think you would end up with dead people on your hands loll
  3. I do like the idea of a weed-themed amusement park. One shop for hash and other extracts, one for just regular bud, one for edibles..

    I think it's pretty safe to say that you're not the first person to think of the idea, but you could always be the first one to do something about it (if it does ever become legal). :D

    I could definitely see it sparking an interest in people. I think that it would be relatively successful if something like it ever existed.

    Of course, we'd have to have the Grasscity VIP section. :ey:
  4. In a legal world, wouldn't it just be the same as you typical amusement park? Hell I could care less if they sold weed inside of Cedar Point, as long as I could blaze while waiting in line id have no problem.
  5. what about every amusement park in america? go there and get high its fun as fuck anyway. there not gonna sell weed inside of any amusement park ever.

    everytime i go i get high as fuck and have a blast doing everything. most parks in new england have designated smoking spots anyway. kids arent gonna be in them smoking, just adults and what adult who smokes butts is gonna care if u fire up a joint with no kids around? i smoke inside Six Flags everytime i go.
  6. If marijuana was legal across the entire country, we'd basically need another entire country just for all the stoner things.
  7. That is a great idea. I would like to invest in that parks concessions.
  8. We should build a proto-type in Amsterdam to test it out :D
  9. Yeah but I believe if you were to actually construct a weed-themed park, you'd catch a lot of people's curiosity. Secondly, there are people who are self-conscious when they smoke, wouldn't it be nice if there was a place where they couldn't be paranoid about people judging them?

    Also with a theme park dedicated to weed, you could have a whole industry in designing rides and other forms of entertainment that stimulates your high.

    Whether you agree or not on whether it is a good idea, you would have to admit that it would generate enough public interest that would make it valuable to invest in.

  10. I've been there! It's called the High Times Cannabis Cup Expo in Amsterdam. You walk in circles all day taking free vape hits and forget to ask where the rides are. Best amusement park ever!
  11. I thought all amusement parks were for stoners. :p

  12. I do edibles anytime I go to an amusement park. works every time. :p
  13. This caught my eye, as something I have debated many times before. What causes the paranoia with weed? I have always taken the assumption that if weed were to be legal..this wouldn't be an issue. Paranoia just comes from the simple fact that your using an illegal product in a public place. 90% of the time, you will never be able to call out a random person for being high. I don't want people to know I'm high, because I don't want them to raise questions.. but I personally am over the self-consciousness in public.

    Not meaning to steer this off the main topic :p :smoke: rants!
  14. You are correct, there is nothing in marijuana that causes paranoia.

    It's the illegality.

    Once my family accepted the fact that I smoke pot, and allow me to do it in my room where no police can get me, I never experienced paranoia again.

    & I definitely did before that.

    So yeah, it's 100% circumstantial, not innate.
  15. There already is an amusement park for stoners. Its name is Amsterdam.
  16. Haha there would be so many stoners who eat way too many munchies and then go on rollercoasters and puke everywhere.

    Stoner laser tag would be amazing though.

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