An American hero dies at age 64.

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  1. Thought i'd mention this. I know... who the hell cares about chess right? Well being the best chess player is sort of like, being the smartest person in the world. This guy kicked the commies ass and took the championship away from them 1972! Just thought I had to post something.

    Its also worth mentioning this guy later became a critique of the US and denounced his citizenship moving to Iceland lol, I dont blame him.
  2. reeeeeeeeal amerrrrrrrrrican heeeeeeerooes.



    i love playing chess, but i think a socialist would have a totally different strategy. . . seeing as how they could view the pawn's and the hierarchy as equal
  3. Yea some hero...

    "Informed that "the White House and Pentagon have been attacked" [referring to 9/11], he proclaimed "This is all wonderful news."[49][50] Fischer stated "What goes around comes around even for the United States"[49][50] and said that if the U.S. fails to change its foreign policy, it "has to be destroyed."
  4. Its too bad that Bobby Fisher was a complete psycho and represented the US like a bag of shit.
  5. he was a bit off, a good chess player, thats for sure....i duno if you can classify him as a hero, in fact, he was kind of the opposite, but never the less, rest in peace brother
  6. He is a cold war hero to me, its not his fault the US Government is the piece of shit it is.

    I do love how you excluded the part that explains why he says it, nice try buddy!

    Well so what? If we (the USA) didn't act like such pieces of shit to the rest of the world maybe people wouldn't think we "need to be destoryed." Its funny how after the Lebanon conflict we saw all sorts of fundraisers to help the 50 or so jews that died famalies or the ones that got "displaced"... thats fine and dandy, but nobody gave a fuck about the 1200+ civilians that Israel recklessly bombed, 30% of those casualities were CHILDREN UNDER 13. Israel just about DESTROYED a whole fucking country in a few days. Israel was able to launch the attacks with US TAX MONEY and US WEAPONS. So as much as I love this country, our foriegn policy is SHIT... SHIT SHIT SHIT. Also, I like to think the smart ones are crazy because they have the ability to see the world for what it actually is. Most people are so stupid they dont even know the capitol of the state they live in. How would you like to live with a bunch of idiots all the time, it sure as hell gets old for me.
  7. Look, I am Jewish, but as far as palestine support a two state resolution and find both sides extremism deplorable, although I definitely have more of a problem with Israel's as they are the stronger of the two. And I dont support how crazy conservative/orthodox jews and evangelical christians (actually its really them, they believe we need a state of israel to exist before Jesus comes back) have made it so we donate billions of dollars a year to Israel and ignore the complexities of the situation.
    That being said..... Bobby Fisher was a fucking psycho! he was horribly anti-semitic and while a great chess player, definitely said some deplorable things. I dont support American policy in the middle east and have been against the war from day 1, as well as being against most of (there must have been SOMEthing he passed that wasn't awful, can't think of one though...) Bush's policies and for that matter the great progressive hope that fizzled out: bill clinton.
    Just because you agree with someone on one particular thing doesnt make them not crazy or horrible for saying other things that are evil. I'm sure I can find sayings from Hitler or Pinochet that people would agree with (thats how they win the people over), that doesnt mean they weren't evil bastards. Not comparing Fisher to them, just making a point.
  8. Point taken. He still gave us a one up over the commies, well sort of I guess. i actually never heard of the guy until he died.
  9. "Nice try?" What exactly was I "trying" to do?

    I didn't include his rationale because it is deeply flawed. Are you agreeing with him that since our gov supports Israel, 3000 innocent Americans deserved to die?
  10. he is no hero.

  11. So since the US government is fucked up, 3000 innocent people deserved to be killed, the World Trade Center destroyed, and (I take personal offense to this statement) 343 of my brothers killed in the line of duty? I almost lost my father that day, he was a fireman at the Pentagon. Point im trying to make is, yeah he kicked the communist's asses, but that doesnt make him a hero, and his comments regarding 9/11 definately dont make him any better.

    I'm definately not following your logic here...
  12. He was also a anti semitic

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