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An Amazing, Magical Super Bong!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DaZEED&ConFuseD, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. my friend j/came back from visiting her bro at college and he taught her a new kind of bong to make called a waterfall. [ahhh the usefull things learned in college] Well i'm going to try to explain this thing and its supposed to give u a mad hit. You get like a gatorade bottle or like a liter coke bottle or some kind of fricking bottle and poke a hole at the bottom. Then u either make or use one of those slidding bowls on a bong where u pull it out when taking a hit [i dont know the proper name for that] You take the bottle cap and poke a hole through it so the bowl can fit in it. Next u cover the hole w/your finger and fill it up w/water and put the top w/the bowl on the bottle. Now here comes the cool part..... you light the weed u put into the bowl and let go of the hole on the bottom, letting the weed come out of the bottom which creates a vaccum..... doing so makes the weed light and fills the bottle up w/smoke. After almost all the water is out, u unscrew the top and take a hit and u can use the hole at the bottom as a carb or whatever u people call it. I haven't tried it yet but my friend did and she said she got so fucking stoned off like 2 rips from that. Therefore we are going to make on this weekend!!!! If you have any questions about how to make it, i'll be able to answer them all after friday night.
  2. yea man, also known as gravity or bucket bongs

    they definently fuck you up
  3. gravity bongs rock...... ist the best poor man's peice ever.
  4. :smoking: Gravity Bongs in the bath tube :smoke:
  5. i've never done it that way... i usually just cut the bottom of the bottle off and stick the bottle in a bigger bucket of water. when ya light the weed pull the bottle up outta the water until there's just a little of it left submerged. then unscrew (or if ya use a milk jug just pop the top off), put your mouth over the hole, and push the bottle back down into the water inhaling as you go down. the faster you take the hit the more fucked up you get. some people have been known to have smoke come out their ears :D LOL...

    also, when you light the weed just keep the flame on it enough to get it started, then pull it back so the flame doesn't touch the weed. the heat will keep it going and you'll get a more intense hit.
  6. yeah... u want the flame to touch the weed as little as possible...
  7. never thought of doing it in the tub. Usually have ice cubes in the water.

    Another thing about taking a gravity bong is when you get upright after taking it I get a little light headed.
  8. I met someone with a gravity bong made from a glass rum bottle...MMMMmmm!!!

    Some wisdom that he bestowed on me though:
    Technically, the ones with the small holes drilled in them (that the water runs out of) are gravity bongs because the force of gravity pushes the water down and out, pulling the smoke with it.

    The ones where you cut off the entire bottom and put them in the tub, or a bucket, are VACCUM bongs. This is because they don't use gravity at all. The smoke in these is pulled down by the suction that is created between the bottle and the water.

    I'd never thought of it that way before...makes sense...
  9. magic bongs r great!

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