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  1. so far i have one germinated seed in a pot for my first batch that one will probly turn out to be my personal plant to experiment with cloneing on. the rest of the seeds for this batch are still in a drawer waiting to sprout. when they are done they will be planted to a preimature grow facility. when they are ready to be moved i will but them in a new grow box set up. my main goal is to make mad money and creat my own unique strain everybody wants. i will be cross breading once i get sturdy plants and also i will be cloneing like crazy useing a party cup planter metod with a fast pace growing system harvesting early aiming to harvest a large crop from tons of diffrent plants
  2. complete grow calander coming soon
    i have a complete dated calander from the night i started
  3. notes from my pad of observations comeing soon
    details and things i write down about all sorts of things involved with me growing
  4. people i give thanks to coming soon
    people from my ife that have helped out in a big way or taught me tons

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